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NQC Highlights #3

September 15, 2011

Didn’t catch everything tonight.  but our church services was great.  Came home in time for the end of the Rambo tribute.

1.  Although I didn’t see everything, I’m sure the Rambo Tribute was special and probably one of the biggest highlights of the night, at least for those in the crowd and the artists.  I don’t even have to question myself on that one.

2.  Gerald danced with EHSS.  That’s certainly a highlight.  There was a video floating around.

3.  Greater Vision sounded great tonight.  “Like I Wish I’d Lived” was stripped down, and hushed the crowd.  Allman has this subtle way of drawing the crowd in to truly listen without all the histrionics.  He just sings.  And seems to be real when he does it.

4.  I had heard word that the Freemans were pretty good.  Is that confirmed?

5.  I LOVE Janet Paschal, but I turned the volume down so I could watch the last few minutes of a soccer game. I’m sure she was her usual self.

6.  Same for John Ashcroft.  I was so into the game by this time, I didn’t even look at the screen.  I wrote a whole article on the guy.  I can’t believe I missed his performance.

7.  Just in time for the Crist Family.  They really seem like a sweet family.  And I don’t hate to hear them, so that’s a good start.  But it is time to dig a little deeper in the songbook.  I just can’t get engaged in most of their songs.

8.  A little Sisters & GV.  Very well done.  Especially for something that is not very common for them to do.  Did it seem like the Sisters had stacks?  I know their harmony is tight, but it all sounded good.  There is something about family harmony though, that can’t be replaced.  I might hit the road with my brothers and sisters.

9.  When Jason Crabb sings “Sometimes I Cry”, I don’t move.  I sit sheepishly and listen.  When he sings a song like that in the way he sings it, I have nothing else to do but listen and trance out. I ask my wife if how well he would do in other genres and she confirms he’d probably do very well.

10.  Gold City didn’t bring their A game, but they sounded pretty good.  Keeton is finding his niche with the Riley’s and West is finding his way out of the niche.  On their features, they all pretty well.

11.  I think Triumphant is great.  My wife fell asleep during “Love Came Calling”, but I think it was due to the relaxing mood of the song.  Nothing like thousands of snotty hankies being pulled out of purses and pockets.  Clayton has fun with that.

12.  Play another video of Compassion International tonight.  Keep doing it ’til they all decide to donate.

* Bonus.  Everyone loved Kim Hopper’s shoes.  Not her dress.

  1. Was very impressed with two of the showcase performers last night: A young ladies’ bluegrass trio called High Road and a young male quartet called Paul’s Journey. Both groups generated buzz. The trio has a full-bodied sound and can play their own instruments, and Paul’s Journey has a surprisingly good tenor. I’d be keeping an eye on both of those groups.

  2. southern brit permalink

    Paul’s Journey sounded good vocally, but I think they tried just a little too hard. I’m sure some of that was the thrill of being on the NQC stage, so I won’t pass judgement just yet until I hear a little more out of them. That little guy had a voice though, I do agree. My highlight of the night was the mass waving of the white flags. Possibly because I was extremely tired at that point, and everything is a little more entertaining when you’re nearly delirious??

    Other highlight…Jason Crabb. He’s always a highlight.

  3. Yeah something was not right in the Paul’s Journey mix. It was funny to watch them follow the tenor singer around during his solos and then hit their squares on the verses. I guess that is “Hallelujah Square”. They were just wanting someone to shout.

  4. Regarding Crabb, I received this text this morning, “When Jason Crabb sings, I sit cross legged like a little kid watching Fraggle Rock on a sat morning with a bowl of corn pops and my ninja turtle PJ’s on. A little excessive? Probably. But it paints the picture.

  5. DisneyGator permalink

    You missed Janet Paschal for a SOCCER GAME? I’m sure the tens of fans already watching that game were fine without you 🙂 Ahscroft floored me with his piano skills. And the singing was pretty good, which also surprised me.

    The Crist Family: man, this group bugs me. 8 vocalists and they use mega-stacks. Years in full time ministry and they’re still doing everyone else’s hits. And the songs I didn’t recognize were terrible. I’m trying to figure out why they landed a SN cover and have good NQC stage time – when a classic name like the Nelons (who sound incredible these days) are relegated to the Gospel Dodge Caravan.

    Jason’s emcee work was good and Gerald’s dance was even better. Really loving this online NQC.

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