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Worship Parodies & The Dixie Melody Boys

January 25, 2012

Funny.  But true.

The Worship parodies have become increasingly popular and its message is relevant for everyone of us.  For those leading in congregational worship, as well as southern gospel artists, when it comes to music, and when it comes to church, it’s just as easy for the ones leading to make it routine.

I know for sure that I could do a great Southern Gospel parody.


And he’s back.  Southern Gospel Gardener, comments on the Dixie Melody Boys most recent recording, “The Call Is Still The Same”.

  1. DisneyGator permalink

    There’s truth in that vid whether it’s contemporary music or old hymns. People start singing and really don’t give a rip about what they’re singing. I see it every Sunday. Sure, there’s a few who “get it”, but for the most part, you see empty faces. Sad, really.

  2. Hey man, still hanging around to see if you’re gonna update this. Don’t stay away. 🙂

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