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To The Moon & Beyond: Sagan Series & Karen Peck Coming To A Theater Near You

January 10, 2012

This video encapsulates an Almighty God, ever present in His work of Creation.  The poetic narrative stimulates the thought process so vividly in my own mind, how reasonable it is for me to believe that even my thoughts, are governed by a Holy Creator.  I’m impressed and in awe of God’s natural beauty, be it the earth and the moon.  But what really captivated me about this video was the reminder that God created men and women intelligent enough to eventually get us to the moon and beyond.  And men and women brave enough to do it.  Technology has its faulty downside and makes life easier.  But so did the wheel.  So did ancient water systems and tunnels.  You have to wonder what Solomon didn’t record about our galaxies.  Or Socrates.  Or Da Vinci.  Would this be thought possible?  Enjoy. 


And our girl, KP in the new movie hitting theaters this weekend, “Joyful Noise”. 



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One Comment
  1. DisneyGator permalink

    I always thought Karen could be a “stunt women” for Dolly. It makes sense that she’s finally in the same movie with her.

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