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Stand Up Effectively

May 25, 2012

Well I’m sure you’ve heard about Amendment 1.

And I’m sure by now you’ve seen this video.

Although I no longer live there, my home state of North Carolina voted in favor of Amendment 1.  I believe many have misinterpreted the details of the vote, nonetheless, my facebook news feed was blowing up with those in favor, those opposed, those in between, some privately in favor of it, yet agreeing to Separation of Church & State (to which the extent of is misconstrued in its context.  Separation of Church & State is more of a theory than a law).  I read many hateful comments from believers and unbelievers.  I read many inspiring comments from believers and unbelievers.  And I chose not to comment, except for this tweet,

“God is sovereign.  People aren’t.  That can’t be amended or voted on”.

Ok, so I’m not flaunting any holiness here, but that was more of a description on my feelings for that particular day.  I’m surprised the votes went the way they did and in a sense, praise God!  But in another sense, some of the “Christian” folk I know, were very proud of themselves.  Too proud.  It’s your right to vote and I’m thankful people still stand firm in their convictions upon the Word of God.  To that end, I say amen.  But that end is not an end in itself.  As a Christian, I would expect you to disagree with practicing homosexuality.  And you absolutely should.  Sexual sins are amplified in the New Testament, not done away with (as other laws).  We don’t have to pat your back for that.  Should we not expect it?  Some of my friends blew any chance of  being able to connect the grace of the gospel within the paradigm of the Law to those who need it.  I think many mistake the gospel as an extension of the Law, rather than as a fulfillment of the Law.

And this “pastor” foolishly promotes a homosexual’s death penalty while supporting an anti-abortion policy.  This is why our culture is not only reluctant to the Church, but a hater of it. “If Jesus died for this guy, and this guy is saved, I don’t want it”, they shout. Yet Jesus did die for this guy. Jesus died for liars. Jesus died for the homosexual.  Jesus died for the murderer.  Jesus died for the adulterer.  Jesus died for SIN.  Why is our country confused and the Church in a state of flux?  Because many people have forgotten the all powering medium of grace before works.  It’s nothing we did for ourselves.  And we’ve forgotten humility.  Just because you stand firm on the Word of God does not equate you to being a ruthless hatemonger to those who live lifestyles opposed to it.  This guy just made the nation aware that he is more of a coward than a soldier.  War is waging.  And some of whom we once thought were in our camp, may be fighting against us.

The bigger issue always is, in voicing your biblical convictions, do you do so with grace in view?  By all means, stand up for Truth.  But stand up effectively.

By the way, if you want to get in touch with Preacher Charles Worley to voice your own opinion about the matter, click here (edited; broken link).  You can find his e-mail address, church phone #, and church address for a personal letter.  I think he should hear from some Christians who believe that the grace of God can change people and redeem sin.


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  1. That’s embarrassing, no wonder some people hate “Christians.” Your post is well said.

  2. Tim permalink

    You may want to take a closer Look at the link you have to contact him. It has either been hijacked or a joke. The link that says he is responging to the hate mail is a porno.

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