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And your new Gold City Lead Singer is not Craig West

September 14, 2011

Probably one of my most sought after, controversial pieces has been this.  I probably did over-analyze the whole thing, but I think I brought up good points with some merit.  And within the framework of what I relayed leaves us again,  back at square one with Gold City.

I would love it if we could consistently say other things about GC besides who is leaving.  I have to admit, under the surface, Daniel Riley is doing the right things and being ridiculed for it.  Whether it’s adultery or drugs, or whatever…he’s had to step sideways to protect the men he’s had to fire.  Of course for your sake, his sake, and the fired man’s family’s sake, you don’t want to hear junk. And I respect Riley for being the man to keep as much under wraps as possible in the face of persecution.

I think West was great, but as I lamented a few weeks over with Joel Wood, home is a nice place to be.  And I believe he stepped down with good reason.  He has a great voice, but if you watch him, he never looked interested.  In his eyes, his heart was on home.  His heart was still home.  The only one that seems to LOVE being there is Dan Keeton.  And that’s not surprising, considering it’s his dream job.  Not to mention his very public “boy-hood” awe of the mega Gold City lineup of the Parker/Free regime, which is entirely justified.

But let’s be honest.  We’re really not surprised this time around.  I think we expected it at some point.

Long live Gold City…again…

Keep his voice on it, and release the album.  It will be a collector’s item.

  1. Nate Stainbrook permalink

    I believe they may just go ahead and release the CD. They could do what L5 did when Seamans left, and re-cut the new leads vocals. Or they could just roll with it because trust me it would sell…

  2. It makes me sorta sad. But I find myself not caring all that much, which is probably the saddest part.

    • I’m with ya Brian. We’re in the same boat. It’s not that any of those guys aren’t quality singers (because we know they are) or that they don’t have a great sound together, but the top groups have historically always had some extent of stability. Since ’03 or ’04, only Danny Riley has been the only constant. When they can go 2 or 3 years without shifting, then we may be mentioning them again with Triumphant, L5, or even MTQ as top tier (GVB, EHSS notwithstanding).

  3. Do you really think family was the only reason? I mean I know that sounds cynical, but I can’t help wondering if there were other issues… I will say it sounds like family really was a big factor.

    • Probably were. But at this point with Gold City, I don’t really think it matters. A guy who had never been on the road full-time suddenly finds himself on the road full-time. That’s not always easy.

    • C W permalink

      I can honestly tell you for myself (Craig West) that my son is the only reason I’m leaving. I have so much respect for Danny and Tim both. After all the changes they have been thru they have done nothing but support me and I appreciate that

      • I understand it completely. I honestly don’t know how you do it. You certainly made an impact.

      • I think Craigs reason is totally genuine,considering I cant stand being away from my son for even one day.My only question with many gospel singers who leave for this reason is this: Getting into fulltime gospel music isnt an accident.You cant just get lucky and join a group.You HAVE to know the right people and the politics have to work out perfectly.Most of the time,many years are spent in the vocal developement as well as the networking to acquire such a position.Which begs the question,without trying to sound like a jerk–“Didnt you know what you were getting into”?

  4. Craig West permalink

    Honestly I did but my son didnt. He is only 10 years old. He thought it was very cool when I first started to sing. I even set down before I started to sing and tried to explain how much i would be gone. I dont think he realized how much it would be. So when he asked me to come home it wasnt hard for me to say no escpecially when singing is a hobby for me. My son (my family) is my life. If he hadnt asked me to come home I’d still be doing it today. So the answer to your question is yes i knew what I was getting into. He didnt. I cant fault him.

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