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Poetic Voices, Spanking Children, and Interstate Batteries

January 17, 2012

Phil Cross & Poet Voices return.  They certainly had some quality lineups in the previous couple of decades, quality songs notwithstanding.

Download a free copy of John Piper’s new book, “Bloodlines”, highlighting the Cross in the struggle of racism.


Christianity Today must be the authority on “Spanking your children”.  Or not spanking them.  If you look closely, you’ll find yankeegospelgirl with some comments.

Love the fact that Interstate Batteries is excited about God’s love.  But is this new commercial the best way to communicate it?  Not because it’s cheesy (it is), but…well everything about is awful.  The jingle.  The little plot.  I guess this is the world remade by the gospel.  Looks far too unauthentic.  Not sure if I want it, at least in the animated realms.

  1. The Interstate ad was OK up to the end, but then that terrible jingle comes in.

    A simple voice-over saying the message was sponsored by Interstate, or something to that effect, would have been more tasteful.

  2. Thanks for commenting about our ad. It’s the brainchild of our chairman, Norm Miller, and you can find more info about why we’re running it at We’ve aired it each December/January since 2008.

  3. Heh, yeah. The author of that anti-spanking book had previously written a book called _Slaves, Women and Homosexuals_. Sorry, but anyone who puts out a book with that title is bound to be a leftie.

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