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Andrew Peterson & A Bishop’s Wife

December 8, 2011

Probably not your cup of tea, but in search of a new flavor of Christmas songs, I knew I must share this by Andrew Peterson, entitled “Behold The Lamb of God (though not entirely new).  You can check out the songs here.

And a video of one of the songs from the album.   


And the meaning of Christmas presented by Hollywood from years gone by in a forgotten Christmas classic, “The Bishop’s Wife”.  (That’s right…revised later).

  1. I have never actually sat down and given a thorough listen to Behold the Lamb (shame on me, I know). And yes, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea… I still remember trying to show Daniel Mount what a great lyricist Andrew is. Virtually no response. Some people just don’t get it. 😉 However, I will say that his melodies are sometimes lacking. For example, with “So Long Moses,” there’s just no melody. I just lost interest in the song partway through, because it was so frustratingly meandering, from a musical perspective. But he’s really talented. I tried to get involved in his community the Rabbit Room once, but I had some unfortunate experiences there… just weirdness where my comments were getting hacked up and/or deleted if I disagreed with anything the writers said, even if I was articulate, polite and thoughtful. Most recently I said that in my opinion, a movie Andrew’s brother was writing about wasn’t quite as wonderful and amazing as he was making it out to be, even though I did find it interesting with some great moments. All the negative bits of the comment were ripped out—silently no less, with no indication that it had been edited, and no willingness to communicate about it. :-/

    As a enthusiastic student of classic film, I am also ashamed to say that I have yet to watch _The Bishop’s Wife_. I should remedy that over Christmas break.

    • I must say though, I’m not sure how repentance of sin got replaced with “the stretched-out hand of tolerance.” Ah well, ’twas the time period for fluffy sentiment.

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