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Christmas Time Is Here

December 5, 2011

It’s December 4th.  Christmas music galore.  I have a wide variety of Christmas music and would like to be introduced to something creative, particularly in the southern gospel field.  Maybe something I have ignored. 

Something I have enjoyed recently was a collaboration Christmas album by The Statesmen and Blackwood Brothers, entitled ” A Musical Merry Christmas” or something like that. 

Also currently enjoying Jason Crabb, Phelps, Greater Vision, Cathedrals, Gold City, and Isaacs Christmas albums.  Also find myself listening to Sting’s “If On A Winter’s Night”.  Definitely creative.  I’ve also had Vince Guaraldi on the hook, taking me back to when cartoons were supreme.  What you got playing? 

Here is a better question.  How excited do southern gospel fans get about southern gospel Christmas albums.  Is it a “must have”?  Or a “do without”?

  1. Most I could do without, but The Kingdom Heirs have great variety on their CDs which make them great over and over again. Kirk Talley also put out a great Christmas CD too, but not many fans will admit they still listen to it…..I do however, and it’s great.

    • The Kingdom Heirs seems to put one out like every 3 years, which doesn’t make want to go out and get it nearly as quick. And are you talking about Talley- Ho Ho Ho? The Talleys “Family Christmas” circa 87 or so was excellent. I admit, I have listened to that one this year already.

  2. Amy Grant: A Christmas Album (at her best)

    Amy Grant: Home For Christmas (not as good as the first but also good)

    Steven Curtis Chapman: The Music of Christmas (at his best)

    Steven Curtis Chapman: All I Really Want (not as good as the first but also good)

    Christmas: From the Realms of Glory—Bebo Norman (folk-flavored Christmas)

    Glory in the Highest: Chris Tomlin (Christmas worship. Good.)

    A Diamond Rio Christmas: Diamond Rio (Oh so country, and oh so good)

    Both of EHSS’s Christmas albums, though the first one is best.

    GVB’s second album (not very creative I know, but I just really liked that lineup, and I like songs I know)

    The Right Time: The Garms Family (They’re just getting started and I love hearing what they can create with only a home studio.)

    Season of Love: 4Him (I really only like about half of it, but that half is very, very good.)

    Pretty much anything by the Haven Quartet (also known as the Haven of Rest Quartet or just Haven). My favorite album of theirs is Bethlehem… O Little Town (also called The Sounds of Christmas). It’s very short and very sweet. Very much worth buying on cassette. It’s quite possibly my all-time favorite Christmas project:

  3. By the way, is Vince Guaraldi caught in a dangerous or difficult situation?

    Sorry. 😉

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