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Christmas, Simeon, and Charles Wesley

December 2, 2011

Sorry that the perception seems to be that I’ve lately been lazy.  Far from it.  My new home has actually been spotty with its internet service.  Well actually, I’ve just moved here and have failed to contact a service provider.  So I’ve been bumming from next door.  Thank you Anita.  I’ll have my own soon.  I promise. 

Maybe a nice video to show your family this Christmas season. 


And a brief video of Charles Wesley, writer of one of the greatest Christmas songs of all time, and fittingly more than sufficient to sing all year round. 


Finally, one of my favorite original Christmas songs in the southern gospel genre, sung by the Crabb Family.  Surely there is more to be written about Simeon.   Dustin Sweatman has written a killer song on the subject of Simeon, which maybe will soon be heard by some of you out there. 

  1. Oh… different Charles Wesley. Was a little confused there. LOL.

    • No wait, I guess it’s just a documentary-type video of the real Charles Wesley. ‘Swhat I get for glancing at the embedded image without actually watching the video.

      I assume you were referring to “Hark the Herald Angels Sing?”

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