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If God Had No Part In A Night Or Valley: Introspection of a Song, with Chris Allman & Jason Crabb

November 28, 2011

Sometimes when you run out of things to say when life has knocked you broadside to the reality that it’s certainly not easy, it becomes cliche’ to say sweet and spiritual things about how God will fix it.  Not that He won’t, but what we really wrestle with is our doubt.  We’re like the man in the Gospel of Mark,

I believe.  Help my unbelief.

What I believe to be a life for all of us is wrapped into that perspective.  Some days music helps.  Some days it doesn’t. 

And sometimes you have those special songs that you can’t hear enough of, and can’t halt encouraging the inner soul, especially in those moments of  doubt, exposure, and frailty.   

It Is Well

I Must Tell Jesus

V ictory In Jesus.

Those songs tell a story.  And the words represent a heart wrestling with the God of the Universe invading our lives in the midst of either tragedy, discouragement, numbness, and apathy.. 

Another one of those songs, though not a hymn, that seems to be planted in the atrium of my membrane is “God On The Mountain”. 

The epitome of a Gospel song.  Experience meets Theological depth, Christ-centered meaning, in simplistic writing and emotions.  That truth of that song has led me to sing it in the quiet of the night, to myself.  Only because I needed it. 

Of course we all love Peg.  But over the last couple of years, if I have a Youtube moment with this song, these please the starkly fleshy ideals in relation to a gospel musician, this is what I search for. 

Shot about a year before he came back, this was a gem of a find.  Sweet, soft, toned down, and authentic.  The personal reflection is surreal.  The eyes begin to close and I begin to weep. 



And another equally powerful and introspective rendition by Mr. Crabb.  There’s no doubt I throw up my hands and shout Hallelujah in my pain.  The excitement begins to revive for He has conquered. 


Both renditions do different things to me. 

I hope it could even encourage you today, if things may look bleak.  I try to stay away from it sometimes, but Gospel music is good for the soul.  They’ve done studies.  There is sufficient scientific evidence. 






  1. What a song. If you made a list of the most important gospel songs written in the last 50 years, it’s got to be in the top 10.

  2. The atrium of your membrane? 😉

    • heart and mind.

      glad you got it.

      • You’re a strange fellow. I like you, but you’re just strange. 🙂

      • Wait a minute, did you mean to say “memory,” and not “membrane?” That would make a little bit more sense…

      • Then I choose what makes less sense to you. More sense to me.

      • Well… there are a lot of membranes in the body. Which one did you have in mind? 😉

      • Kid, you need help. If only you’d let old Baloo learn you to write like a bear… 😆

      • I don’t like your writing in place of mine. And for that reason…It’s not mine. Nothing personal and you do have a very accurate and technical style to writing, which I do like to see. It’s just not my mind…

        Maybe crazy also.

      • Actually, I believe in keeping a unique style. The problem comes when you literally pick a word that doesn’t mean what you think it means, or write something that’s just nonsense, like the atrium/membrane thing.

        What I meant is that I could help you avoid stuff like that, without turning you into a clone of me. It’s very easy to clean up your usage, word choice, etc. and still be “you.” I understand you like to be strange though, and that’s okay too. It’s no skin off my nose. 😉

      • It was an early 2000’s reference to a pop song. That is all. Thank you for believing in me.

  3. DisneyGator permalink

    Love that youtube vid of Chris. Found it before he came back with GV and it made me want him to come back ASAP. He told me the story behind the video last year – kinda funny.

    Have you seen the God on the Mountain Legacy DVD? It is awesome. What a story it is from my favorite song writer, Tracy Dartt. You can get it on their website:

  4. I for one thought “atrium of my membrane” was very clever. And I think this site has the best writing of any southern gospel blog I know. I wish I had your considerable talent.

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