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When Collaborations Matter

November 21, 2011

Something I’m looking quite forward to over Thanksgiving break is the collaboration of two of my all-time favorite artists in their respective genres.  Country music icon Vince Gill is teamed with Sting for a CMT Crossroads event.  You can check out a clip of “If I Ever Lose My Faith” here.  Pure genius. 

—– Something I wish I could be in attendance for:  Kyle Boering stated on facebook last week, “The ConnXions Praise Band will be doing songs this week by Maranatha, the Newsboys, Third Day, and….The Kingsmen”.  Go bug him about having a video camera handy.  Oh, well iPhones do that now.  Regardless, I like the versatility. 

 —– Word on the street is concert attendance is down the few months.  Not surprising, but the recent West Coast trips by the Booths, Triumphant, L5, Hoppers, and others aren’t pulling out the fans they’ve been pulling out.  IMC Concerts seems to be contributing this to the economy.  I don’t think that’s the only reason.  This is usually the time things start picking up as Christmas approaches.  What’s better than a day of shopping for friends and loved ones, and relaxing to a nice Sogo concert with harmony, hair pieces, and the same old jokes you’ve been hearing since 1976?  Nothing.  Groups will be doing portions of their Christmas music.  If someone is close, check them out. 

 —– Electric Mayhem is back.  I’ve always been a big fan of their music.  Historically, their work with John Denver was ahead of its time.  This Thanksgiving, I’ll be checking out their latest flick. 

By the way, the Gardener is back.  Here’s a group we don’t hear much from, Palmetto State Quartet. 

  1. DisneyGator permalink

    I can vouch for the poor crowds this year. Of course, the first thing I point to is the economy. However, I think something has to change in the concerts – something that will catch the attention of attendees that makes them want to come back AND tell some friends about it. If I could figure out exactly what that was, I’d be rich (in SG terms, making over $50K/year).

    And Sting is as awesome as he is weird.

    • No doubt, the economy is a large factor. But, are you implying that groups change up their sets a little bit more? Especially on the west coast tours? You guys are hard to entertain…

      And yeah, Sting is awesome. Peculiar for sure. But that helps make him great.

      • Vince Gill is a better singer/musician.

      • HAHA!!! Ok, maybe a better singer. But from a genius standpoint, Vince Gill is about a 4. Sting is a 9. Wayne Haun is about a 5. And trust me, Haun may be one of the most talented guys in our genre EVER. That’s just the pespective here.

      • I meant musical prowess on an instrument. Sting will never tear up the guitar like Vince can even if he writes more creative stuff.

        As for Wayne, talented guy, but let me know when he writes a “Go Rest High On That Mountain.” 🙂

      • As to Wayne Haun’s songs at that caliber, with at least one that’s easily head-and-shoulders better: “I Will Find You Again,” “Crown of Thorns,” “I Found it All,” at least. Perhaps also “Oh the Thought that Jesus Loves Me,” “His Grace Will Lead Me Home,” “Celebrate Me Home,” “Love Came Calling,” “Walk Away Free.”

        Sure, Gill’s song had some high-powered country radio promoters behind it, and they made a nice commercial success out of it and filled everyone’s bank accounts. Good for them – and yes, I’m still acknowledging that it’s a good song. But, bank filled or not (and in this genre, I’m afraid not), Haun has written more than a few that deserve to be named in the same breath.

      • Many good songs listed there (though don’t forget all the talented co-writers involved on them). However, “Go Rest High On That Mountain” is in fact greater than all of them. Maybe you don’t agree, but it’s the truth. 🙂 And incidentally, it hasn’t an ounce to do with how well it was promoted or how commercially successful it was. At least, that makes no difference to my opinion.

      • I will say though that “I Will Find You Again” is really beautiful, and it wouldn’t look silly at all next to “Go Rest High,” though it’s still missing that timeless quality that’s so distinctive, yet so hard to put into words for those who can’t hear it. I think it’s a little like seeing colors. If you’re talking to a color-blind man, it’s impossible to explain what red is like. He has to see it for himself.

      • Here is the bottom line. As long as people die, “Go Rest High” and “Sweet Beulah Land” will be around for awhile. Both fine songs, written through personal experiences. Gill did have a market going on. At the height of his career, Tony Brown (former Dixie Melody Boy) was his producer, the Amy Grant controversy, and he was collaborating with Patty Loveless and Ricky Scaggs. Does help. However, he is a great musician, a great writer, and one of the best Country Music guitarists around.

      • I keep having to remind myself that “Sweet Beulah Land” isn’t all that old. That one pretty much defines “timeless.”

  2. “Maybe you don’t agree, but it’s the truth.”

    …in your opinion. Why bother declaring personal opinions as objective fact? You know I could do the exact same thing, just as forcefully, if I had the time to argue!

  3. Oh, and I do wish you wouldn’t call me blind / tone-deaf. There really are ways to make cases without schoolyard name-calling. 🙂

    • You already have declared your opinion as fact. Each of us is doing exactly the same thing. Obviously only one of us is right, but don’t pretend we aren’t identical. 🙂

      I didn’t call you any names, and I didn’t say you were tone-deaf. Tone-deafness is a technical term meaning you can’t hear a pitch. You can hear pitch. I was using an analogy to a man who’s color-blind to express the fact that some people are just unable to perceive certain things. It doesn’t mean they’re stupid or ignorant. They just lack a certain kind of capacity/experience.

      • An example: I’ve got a friend who’s color-blind. He’s brilliant. He’s talented in ways I’ll never be. But I point at a beautiful sunset and say “Those clouds are a lovely pink,” and he has to take my word for it.

      • You are right on about that, YGG. I keep hoping you will soon be able to perceive the reality of things.

      • Yes, but in YOUR case those things are even more serious, like the fact that the Democrats are the party of death. Matters of taste pale in comparison to the kinds of things we’ve agreed to disagree on. 😉

      • Oh, and also you think rap music can be objectively great, so even in matters of taste, our disagreements are much huger. 😀

      • Yes. It can be. But I don’t think you have a loss of hearing.

      • Calling someone color-blind, in this context, does not count as calling them names? 🙂

      • It’s more like a diagnosis. 😀

      • Hey, my comments aren’t showing up…

      • So instead of schoolyard taunts, we’re at schoolyard medical diagnoses… 🙂

      • That’s right. I don’t have a loss of hearing because I don’t listen to rap music.


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