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A Mark Trammell Anniversary

November 16, 2011

If you have facebook, you may have seen some chatter yesterday about Mark Trammell’s anniversary.  It’s important for many reasons.  Not specifically important, to me.  But indirectly, it has some merit in my own relationship. 

Mark Trammell has been married for 33 years.  In the course of that run, he’s worked with and beside some of the most beloved individuals and artists.  Maybe not as much as others, but the man has moved.  And his wife LaResa, has patiently stood by his side and moved along with him in each new endeavor.  (Luckily, she works for a company that has different locations throughout the country, but that’s beside the point).  As mentioned here before, I give a lot of love to the wives of southern gospel artists.  This isn’t an industry full of summer tours where you see your families once or twice a month for 3 or 4 months, with 8 months off.  Almost every week, on a Wednesday or Thursday that bus leaves the driveway and doesn’t find it’s way back home til the wee hours of a Monday morning.  Some people are cut out for it.  The Trammells certainly are. 

Mark Trammell has been a figure of consistency through most of his career.  Not only as the premier quartet man, or as a businessman, but as a Christian man.  To live and love for more than 33 years, through hard times and good times, a covenant of their marriage stands true.  Do you want to know about a man?  Often times you can look at his marriage and catch a glimpse.   A good man’s wife can push a man, challenge him, support him, respect him, and stand by his side unconditionally.   And he’s consistent to the public, only if he’s consistent at home.   And it’s no cliche’ there remains a good woman in the background, no…at the forefront. 

Of course, we are all dirty, sinful, frail human beings, some of us seeking hard after a holy God.  Marriages aren’t perfect.  There are dull moments, heartaches, tragedies, and idiotic problems because of selfish partners, for we are all selfish at times, none of us righteous, and we all have to work at marriage.  But God redeems and restores after we fail doing it our way.  To see a man who makes his career living on a bus, whose biggest thrill when he arrives home to see and hug his wife, is a redeeming reality in itself. 

We’ve come full circle with this.  The day I proposed to my bride, the first two people I saw, whom I knew (besides the one secretly following us to get the proposal on tape), was Mark and LaResa Trammell.  When I heard it was their anniversary today, I immediately thought back on that moment as he welcomed me into the fraternity of husbandry, providing advice on what to do when waking up to a woman without makeup, and hit a snapshot of us with his quality Canon, engagement ring pressed upon my chest, all smiles.  If they can do it for 33 years, it gives me hope that I can do it for 3. 

Happy Anniversary.

  1. quartet-man permalink

    I usually kid when people use the word “quartet man”, but Mark is the consummate quartet man, Christian and talented individual. LaResa is to be commended too. Yes, it certainly helps that there are different locations where she can keep her same job, but nonetheless she would have to leave people she liked to start over again elsewhere all the while supporting her husband and their different than most schedule. What a couple!

  2. Amen! Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Trammell. I don’t know if there is anyone in gospel music today with a reputation and witness as strong as Mark’s. That is to his credit, and God’s glory. “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.” (Proverbs 22:1) I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting LaResa, but I’m sure I will, whether down here or in the air. Gospel music, and the world in general, need more people like this.

    Thanks for your post, FNR.

  3. DisneyGator permalink

    I’ve heard from some quartet men that if they spend more than a week at home, their wives start saying, “Isn’t it about time you hit the road again?”

  4. Happy anniversary to the old ma…. I mean, to Mr. Trammell. 🙂

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