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The Little Things Matter: Awesome and Overlooked Treasures in Southern Gospel Culture

November 14, 2011
There are some things that only fit the mold of Southern Gospel.  If any other genre, sure… let’s reconsider.  But when you stumble across some of these things in southern gospel, it simply re-inforces the awesomeness we have.  The tradition.  The artistry.  The splendor of the overlooked treasures we can take for granted. 

Not exactly what I was expecting. Or was I?

So, this is the bus of Redeemed Quartet from Ooltewah, TN.  Quite marvelous.  On first glance, you might suggest a new paint job.  But more or less a regional group, I think Redeemed has something special here.  This certainly takes me back to the 70s.  And sometimes I’d like to stay there.  If you haven’t heard much gospel music from that era, start looking for some stuff today.  I think the vintage look adds a nice touch to an bus.  Really, the whole thing seems to be restored to the glory days.  (By the way, on their website, they have their own recipes…including “Tennessee Special Peanut Butter Cookies and Aunt Di’s Famous Meat Loaf”.  Sounds enticing.  Check it out here and try it.  I will.)

Typical Autumn sweater.

I thought this was a nice touch.  Go to a southern gospel event and you’ll see a plethora of these sweaters.  The guy even seems to be gloating in this particular wardrobe selection as the picture indicates.  The Booth Brothers are a class act and they went up a few more notches in my book having their picture taken with this sweater.  In college I had gone to a Goodwill and picked up a handful of these and rocked them out until I moved a few times and they became lost.  I believe my roommates secretly stole them.  I vividly remember a couple of occasions in which friends came knocking on my door in preparation for 80s parties and Christmas sweater parties.  I still wear them when my companion is not around. 
*Bonus:  If you have your copy of the March Singing News, on the back cover The Hoppers have taken the entire page.  On it, a excerpt from Song of Solomon 2:11; “see…the winter is past..”  Now fully in context, the verse is applied to ‘coming out of the darkness’ (repentance, joy for the new day), even though The Hoppers appear to imply longer days and shorter nights.  Now I can’t say the season of Spring is not intended in the passage, but I do believe it is more symbolic of the romance, pursuit, and marriage of the Beloved and Lover.  Which my first thought when I saw that a excerpt from Song of Solomon was being used by The Hoppers, was that this was a prelude to something romantic and semi-sexual.  “Were they hosting a Marriage conference this month?”, I thought.  “Do they know about the verses that precede and succeed these verses?”  Then I realized it was March.  Oh yes, the flowers will begin to bloom.  Understandable mistake. 


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  1. Haha…fun post.

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