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Rock Stars, Script Stars, and Stepping Into The Water of Funderburk

November 8, 2011

—– Where do Rock Stars go to die?  Well, apparently they become Worship leaders that wear skinny jeans and fauxhawks.  This is one of the best and comical articles I have EVER read on the modern “P&W” movement.  Click it or ticket.

—– When theology gets dangerous.  Andy Byers takes us through the rigorous and life-threatening work of John Calvin, and the apostle Paul.

—– A new trend in church planting?

—– A few months ago Rob Bell resigned from Mars Hill Church, in which he founded, to “share the message of God’s love to a broader audience” as the church writes.  As one man rightly said, “that feeds the ego”.  All applause and no responsibility.  Bell caused a firestorm earlier this year after his book, “Love Wins” debuted.  Many evangelical pastors and leaders from all denominations cast him off over a month ago.  Check out the link here.  Now he plans to write movie scripts.  Go figure.  (I actually believe I’ve mentioned this before). 

Finally, “Step Into The Water” with Funderburk providing for some enjoyment on the Talley penned song.  One of the earliest shots of the Trammell/Funderburk configuration (that I’ve found).

  1. A friend of mine was given an entire bootleg concert of a Cathedrals concert that was shortly after Funderburk joined. Most of the songs were from the Talley-era, and it’s a fascinating listen.

  2. matt permalink

    This youtube member has a few more clips from that concert, one in particular has George stumbling, literally on stage, on the song ” I’ll Have a New Body”. Not sure of the title, but it has that line in it.
    Makes me miss ’em watching these videos.

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