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Lecrae, Spurgeon, Steve Jobs, and a Dove Brother

October 26, 2011

Lecrae, who writes more theological truth than half of all southern gospel writers, and places it in an urban context in which he can relate (Because kids from Brooklyn probably won’t be bumpin’ Chuck Wagon Gang and McKameys).  A preacher friend of mine told me, “Dude preaches to beats”.  It’s true.  I’ve been on the Lecrae kick since ’06.  But trust me, I didn’t expect African American, Reformed Hip-Hop to take the Church by storm.  Did not see that coming.


—– Spurgeon on John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.  Check out the source here.

—– George Orwell’s critique of C.S. Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength”.

—– An evangelical minstry partner writes a letter to Steve Jobs.  Part of the meat…

God has used Macs to help compile and share gospel-centered theology to literally millions of people around the world. Without the tools you built, I don’t know how the team could have done all that work. God used what you did for good. Here’s a photo of three pastors and three seminary presidents that have preached to and trained millions of people together about Jesus—they are all benefiting from the tool you made

You get on a bus to see what your favorite artist is using, most of the time, it’s a MAC.  And usually an iPhone in their pockets.  Whole thing here.

—– In Southern Gospel news, Jonathan Price leaves the Dove Brothers.  Who is forecasting that McCray go back to EOU?  Or Billy Hodges, anyone?  I hear from a source he will no longer be at Dollywood next year doing his solo show.  Just circulating the rumor mill in sequence with the timing of events.

  1. I think Matt Felts is too invested in re-launching the Dixie Melody Boys to national-tier status to leave just yet.

    As to Billy Hodges, the thought has occurred to me that he is one of the few who can sing Eric Phillips’ high notes…

  2. DisneyGator permalink

    Price is already gone? I guess The Price is Wrong… Sorry – couldn’t resist. Well, I hope they get someone as good or close to Jerry’s vocal ability. I always loved the Dove Brothers stuff with him, and they went down a few notches when he left. It would be funny if Rulapaugh came back – it would be the entire original lineup (award winning, I might add).

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