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John A. Broadus and Hymnology

October 25, 2011

In preparation for “Reformation Day” (commemorating Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the door of a Catholic church), I will be featuring various influential “Reformers”, whether they be Preachers and Theologians throughout the week.

John Broadus was a superior hymnologist, a pioneer in support of hymns and vintage Gospel songs and their place both in the Church and the sermon text.  He brought music in corporate Worship back to the forefront in America proceeding after the Civil war.

Here is a lecture from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary entitled, “The Minister and His Hymnbook: John A. Broadus as hymnologist”.  The history of hymns in affiliation with Broadus is rich and deep, including comparing and contrasting the theological views of Watts and Wesley.  Check it out here.

And here is a condensed biography from the web (though, it has little to do with Hymns).

—– An excellent biography of John Broadus can be bought on Amazon.  Link here.

—– Speaking of Hymnology, schools such as Oral Roberts, Florida Christian College, Vanderbilt University, and many other Bible colleges and Seminaries provide courses on Hymnology.  And if you missed it, former Attorney General and recent NQC guest, John Ashcroft is an outspoken and financial supporter of the course.

—– And if you go in research mode, want to check out specific hymns, or simply, if you’re bored and want to waste time doing something moderately productive, make sure you check out our friend Daniel Mount’s site, which I’ve found to be a great resource.


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  1. Sorry I didn’t read this or notice the last part till now, but thanks for the mention! I actually have ten more hymnals in the queue, currently being scanned.

    By the way: Yes, checking out the site is moderately productive. But if readers want to do something VERY productive … we have over 1000 hymns posted, but we have 2000+ more scanned and waiting to be transcribed, and once these ten hymnals are scanned, the number in the to-transcribe queue could double. 🙂

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