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Christ In The NFL: A Resurgence of Evangelicals Smashing Opposing Linebackers

October 23, 2011

There aren’t many secular things that inspire me quite like sports.  That’s the one place where anyone can have their own view or religious belief and express it without much filtering.  In most businesses, a CEO wouldn’t credit Jesus for a soaring profile.  But you can find it in sports.  Not that everyone who says it mean it (or is a Christian for that matter), but the fact is…they say it, without major consequence.  Whether it’s kneeling down to pray after a TD or wearing Eye-Black with Bible verses, religious, David vs. Goliath overtones are sprayed throughout.  Here are three intriguing snippets in preparation for an NFL Sunday.

—– Tim Tebow is alive and well.  And a starting Quarterback as of this week, for the Denver Broncos.  His stout stance for Christ has garnered much public attention, and made an anti-Gator (me) follow Tebow with respect, admiration, and awe. Great article (if you’re familiar with sports or Tebow). You can check out the whole thing here.  My favorite part of the article…

…this isn’t about a city or a fan base or even about a guy who won a Heisman Trophy and two national championships. This is about a cultural force — a man whose following in the evangelical Christian community has made him the strong, handsome face of a burgeoning brand of “muscular Christianity,” which preaches that there is room inside a man to both provide witness and run over a linebacker for the first down.

—– Former Cleveland Brown Running Back, Jason Wright puts Football on the shelf to focus on other things…like taking in homeless, physically and sexually abused teenagers, discipling them, and moving them on to other things while paying tuition for college.  Inspiring article here. Money quote…

Adds Jason, “I just say glory to God.

There’s no doubt he’s working through us, because we’re not that great.”

—– And finally, the “other” Christian QB, that was often overshadowed by Tebow in college.  Colt McCoy, former Texas Longhorns QB and currently starting for the Cleveland Browns.  In the first series of his final collegiate game, he was injured bad enough that he needed to come out of the game.  He couldn’t feel his arm.  You need that when you’re threading needles.  But to feel the weight of this moment, he was also very highly decorated.  To get hurt in the biggest (and final) game of his college life, he could’ve responded in any way.  And clearly, he was disappointed.  Yet his response, is covered with God’s sovereignty and grace.  It’s chilling…


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  1. DisneyGator permalink

    I love Tebow (check my user name). He’s got a lot of work ahead of him, but he always keeps Christ forefront. And Colt was always the same way in college. He should’ve won the Heisman, and the proof showed when his team could do nothing without him once he was injured in that game.

  2. I knew Tebow and McCoy but not Wright. Very inspiring story…

  3. Speaking of Tebow, I recently saw a liberal Christian hoping out loud that he would do poorly in his football career out of spite because of his values. Sad.

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