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Legacy Five, The Rapture, and Obama

October 19, 2011

—–  Very Mini-CD Review (due to new chapters in my life…bear with me…I’ll give details soon) “It’s A Wonderful Life”.  First of all, I think Legacy Five is a good sounding quartet.  I think Gus was a valuable edition, that ultimately enhanced that sound.  With the very little turnover they’ve had, it’s easy to view them as consistent, but also capable of flying under the radar to the average joe southern gospel listener.
There are a few good songs on this project.  “Living In The Palace” is the best, should do very well on radio, and concert as well.  If I was in a regional or church quartet, I’d buy the track.  I was also glad to see a comeback with “For What Earthly Reason”.  Obviously, Gus adds a new dynamic to the song, but there’s no sense in offering my opinion as to which version is my favorite, for they are different.  “Ask Me Why” also grew on me the more I listened and I would certainly qualify it as solid.

Produced by Steve Mauldin, the production is very quality even in its step back from the Goss enterprise.  Familiarity.  Was glad to hear David Huntsinger was still lurking around on the keys (I remember a bunch of his work in the 80s and 90s on some terrific projects).  The overall song selection, stylistically, reminds me of The Cathedrals “Raise The Roof”.  A plethora of diddies.  There is certainly a market for that in Southern Gospel.

—– Post-Rapture Pet Care.  I kid you not.  Also, a pet care service provided an Atheist community.  Love the innovation.  Do dogs go to Heaven, by the way?

—– God-king Obama?  Get your trust out of politics.  Obama isn’t the first Presidential crisis we’ve had in our young nation’s history.

—– Throw the old models of Women’s Ministry out!  Bring on some ground-breaking, get your hands dirty, theologically faithful women who truly want to grow and show grace to the their community by involving themselves in something other than a dinner party, pink night, and crying.  Cool article found here.

  1. I disliked the article about Obama. I’m with the author to a point, then I hop off the bus. I’m not buying the “none of the economic crisis is Obama’s fault” line. It is true that things weren’t stellar when Obama took office, but let’s not join him in the “I inherited this” whining. He has actively accelerated our hurtling towards the edge of the cliff in many pointless ways. Why? Because he is a fool and an ideologue who doesn’t understand good economics. Plain and simple.

    I also take issue with this paragraph:

    “When we vote next year, we will vote between two very imperfect candidates. One will be the incumbent president and the other a challenger, but neither will represent the Platonic ideal of the Christian candidate. Neither man will be able to promise prosperity or peace, it isn’t even reasonable to hope for a chicken in every pot or a carrot in every Vegan stir fry.”

    This is pointless. Yes, obviously we don’t believe this or that Republican will be the messiah. But for crying out loud, have a little common sense. Okay, so he admitted the challenger might be better than Obama, but he doesn’t really understand politics. If we can get a Republican challenger who is pro-life and pro-marriage to the core, truly loves America and understands economics, we’ll have somebody clearly and markedly Obama’s superior in every possible respect. He doesn’t have to be the messiah to be somebody we eagerly hope for as an improvement over the President we have now. We’re not pinning our soul to his back, we’re giving him a considered vote. This author seems to assume that the very act of thinking, “I really, really, really hope so-and-so wins” is somehow bordering on the idolatrous. To say “Well they’re both imperfect” is out-and-out moral equivalence, which is unfailingly distracting, fuzzifying, and unhelpful.

  2. And as for the women’s ministry article… eh, okay I can agree that women’s Bible studies are more often than not cliched and boring, but the alternative presented here, “to rabble-rouse and disturb the peace of the rest of the world on behalf of justice, truth, beauty and love,” just makes me roll my eyes and groan, “Great. Just we need. More lefties.” I might not be so cynical if it wasn’t on Christianity Today. Didn’t really appreciate the snarkiness about modesty either. So dressing modestly is boring and cliche now? Gosh I hadn’t realized it. Thanks so much. I’ll be sure to grab that spaghetti strap shirt next time I’m at the store so I can tick off all my frumpy, overly religious female friends. Please.

  3. daughteroftheking permalink

    it went over her head.
    in other news, keep up the good work, @fridaynightrevival

    • No sweetie it didn’t, and I actually left a long response, but it’s still sitting in moderation (AHEM! FNR.)

      • If it didn’t, then I can say with assurance that you missed the point of the whole article. I don’t know where that comment went. It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks. I’ll try to retrieve it.

      • No problems—I’m looking forward to an update on what all’s going on!

        Essentially, I did find parts of the article that I could agree with, but bits of it pushed my buttons wrong. I tend to bash out first responses very quickly which can give a misimpression of my complete thoughts. I’m working on the skill of (and here many people can identify with me), simply not saying what I think at all! A wise professor once told my father “You don’t have to tell everyone you meet everything you know.” As a bright, opinionated young lad, my dad was baffled by this advice, but looking back now he treasures it as a priceless pearl of wisdom. Now it’s my turn to learn how to apply it slowly but surely.

  4. matt permalink

    Interesting…wasn’t Obama supposed to be the hope of the US? So much excitement surrounded his victory. Oh well. What comes up must come down I suppose.
    Here in Canada, we’ve got a christian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He’s not flashy, but he knows what he’s doing. We ‘celebritize’ our politicians less than in the US I think.
    Heck, we just attended a recent NHL game in our home town, and Harper was there, seated among the fans, and during breaks, people were getting their pics taken with him. Sure there was security and snipers etc, but, he was just out there visiting with the regular ol’ folks.
    I’m sure I’m drifting off topic.

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