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What If Freddy Mercury Sang Southern Gospel? And Other Notes…

October 9, 2011

—– What are the world’s most catchy songs?  Apparently, a study has been done by a PHD.  The top song?  “We Are The Champions”.  Not making the top 10?  “Don’t Stop Belivin'” by Journey.  Surprised.  You can check out the study here.  Which further leads me to come out with a poll among SGM.

—– Here is a boring article on why Christianity Shouldn’t Be Cool.  I agree with the supposition, and the points made, and most of you would too.  But it’s a boring article.  Figured I’d share.

—– This is actually impressive.  Marquis Laughlin eloquently quotes Scripture from the KJV during the 400th Anniversary Celebration.  And what a beautiful speaking voice.  Sounds almost as if he was once a smoker, which adds another excellent dynamic to his voice.

—– The New Monastics have a vision of God’s economy.

—– Rebels Quartet, featuring Jim Hamill, Ron Booth Sr., London Parris, John Matthews, and Jimmy Taylor

  1. London Parris was THE MAN. Period. I’d love to have heard him live.

  2. Ronnie Sr. was smooooooth. Michael sounds like him, Ronnie Jr. looks like him.

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