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Elvis, Hemphills, Bringing Sexy Back (or not), and Malcolm X

October 6, 2011

—– The Elvis Graphic Novel.  Finally.  Huge Elvis fan here.  But I don’t know if I’m forking out $200 for the comic.  Only 2,500 copies will be released worldwide.  Family members reading…maybe for Christmas?

—– Like Blues?  Enter, “100 Years of Blues“, a UK product featuring artists from B.B. King, Johnnie Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, to The Rolling Stones.  And what you’ll find interesting about it is the surplus of “Gospel” tunes compiled throughout.  Man, I truly love music.

—– Never heard a lot about it, but the Delta Music Hall of Fame inducted Joel and Labreeska Hemphill.  The museum is in Louisiana.  Go ahead and plan your trip.  Here’s the relatively light, and non-controversial info about the event.

—– Women especially, have become the “objects” of pornography and rape, fervently in media…and it’s negatively affecting the common life, to a magnificent degree.  Some case studies have proven while it’s ‘okay to be sexy’ (for the husband at least), we have now transformed it into advertising the message, ‘have sex with me’. To that measure, I agree.   Check it out here.  It’s an interesting article.

—– I’m not advocating the politics and religious views of the man, but I happened to meet a relative of Malcolm X a few months ago.  During a public High School, student led (and organized by a white kid from my church), Black History Month event to raise money for an Evangelical funded Kenyan orphanage, he delivered this.  You can’t hate the roots of a tree.  The irony is rich, I know.

  1. Creepy dude. Good thing he was assassinated.

    • daughteroftheking permalink

      “good thing he was assassinated?” i can’t wrap my mind around that i just read those words.
      similar phrases to what you just said are: “good thing he was murdered.” “i’m glad he’s dead!” ect..
      is it sad that he wasn’t a christian? yes. does anyone DESERVE to get assassinated? no one deserves to be treated the way he was treated. if it weren’t for Malcom X, this nation would be a lot different than it is today.
      it’s very sad to know that there are people actually walking around with a heart like what you just displayed by that comment.
      next time think twice about what you say.

      “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.” -martin luther king jr.

      • Even America revolted for freedom. If we were white slaves for centuries in a black world (and there have been cases), we’d revolt too (and have).

        I think many who don’t realize that when he broke from the Nation of Islam, his views began to change. And of course, some are self-righteous, narrow minded, legalistic, Gospel haters in which their national politics take priority over their sanctification, and their finger pointing, egotistical, unforgiving hearts choose to replace Christ’s cross with a Constitution. They don’t love Jesus. They love themselves. And they love to be right. And they love to compare their “works” to sinners.

        I’ll never forget being in a mixed raced gathering at a church event when the word came out that Obama won the election. And some blacks began celebrating. And some white conservative friends felt they were rubbing it in their face (which they weren’t), and began to shout “obscenities” at them. Hell broke loose that day, and fights broke out, verbal and physical. While not at a church, it was a church function.

        Some people just settle for the dirt on people. Sin will be exposed, and their are consequences. Biblical church discipline should be practiced, repentance should be daily, and finding a balance in how we present faith and politics should be in order. Sure, I would present MANY conservative issues to my congregation…but after that day, I realized there was a line not to be crossed. Sure, Malcolm X was racist towards whites. But he wasn’t a national terrorist. Not any more than we had terrorized his family, and his people.

        Christ came to give life. And one person’s views and beliefs, however wrong or distorted they are, should be viewed by the opponent as reprimand worthy, but not worthy of murder. I think we could all agree that there should be greater consequences for murder vs. stealing a candy bar, even if it is both sin. Thank God for atonement.

        Thank you for commenting.

  2. southern brit permalink


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