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Revival Awards – Final Results

October 4, 2011

The picks are in.  Before you begin to glance at the winners, I hope a vision has been cast to recognize other musical elements of this great genre not usually thought about, and in some instances, acknowledge other areas that the Singing News would not cover.  I think we’d all agree that the Singing News Fan Awards are mostly predictable, yet play an integral part in the southern gospel sphere.  Although, we’d all agree that the ministry is at the forefront of these musical endeavors, I believe from a musical perspective, there was notable distinctions made known.  Here’s to hoping next year’s awards will evolve into something larger and more participated.  The process as a whole, was part fan vote/part industry-board vote.

Non-Performing Songwriter

  1. Dianne Wilkinson
  2. Gerald Crabb
  3. Joel Lindsay


Most Creative Project

  1. Declaration – Booth Brothers
  2. George Younce w/EHSS
  3. Fear Not Tomorrow – Collingsworth Family


Most Re-Invented Group

  1. Mark Trammell Quartet
  2. Gold City
  3. Gaither Vocal Band


Best Table Project

  1. Treasures – Mark Trammell Quartet
  2. Jubilee 2 – Booth Brothers/Greater Vision/Legacy Five
  3. A Man Like Me – Wes Hampton
  4. Declaration – Booth Brothers


Session Pianist

  1. Gordon Mote
  2. Gerald Wolfe
  3. Wayne Haun


Best Live Recording

  1. Jubilee 2 – Booth Brothers/Greater Vision/Legacy Five
  2. Fear Not Tomorrow – Collingsworth Family
  3. Tribute To The Cathedral Quartet – EHSS


Best Arranger

  1. Lari Goss
  2. Wayne Haun
  3. David Phelps


Best Engineer

  1. Van Atkins
  2. Kevin McManus
  3. Gus Gaches

Best Producer

  1. Wayne Haun
  2. Lari Goss
  3. Michael English


Most Creative Re-Interpretation of a Song

  1. You Are My All In All – Gaither Vocal Band
  2. Boundless Love – EHSS
  3. I Met The Master – Booth Brothers


Best Easy-Listening Song

  1. Love Came Calling – Triumphant Quartet
  2. The Master’s Table – Booth Brothers
  3. Jesus Is Holding My Hand – Doug Anderson


Best Youtube Moment

  1. Chris Allman Sings “Hallelujah Square” First Night Back in Myrtle Beach at the Urging of the Late Tony Greene
  2. Original Greater Vision Sings “Sailing Away” in Gerald Wolfe’s Home
  3. Call The Booth Brothers – Legacy Five


Best Original “Heaven” Song

  1. Celebrate Me Home – Perrys
  2. On The Banks of the Promised Land – Karen Peck & New River
  3. Knowing What I Know About Heaven – Guy Penrod


Best Original “Crucifixion” Song

  1. Never Walk Alone – Brian Free & Assurance
  2. Faithful To The Cross – Legacy Five
  3. I Still Glory In The Cross – Bowling Family


Best Original “Up-Tempo” Song

  1. The Love of God For Me – Nelons
  2. Blue Skies Coming – Perrys
  3. He Didn’t When He Could’ve Passed By – Greater Vision
  4. Testimony – Mark Trammell Quartet

Best Original Power Ballad

  1. What About Now – Booth Brothers
  2. This Is What Mercy Does – Karen Peck & New River
  3. Never Walk Alone – Brian Free & Assurance


Comeback Artist(s)

  1. Chris Allman
  2. Bowling Family
  3. Michael English


Best Emcee

  1. Gerald Wolfe
  2. Michael Booth
  3. Ernie Haase


Most Dynamic Performer

  1. Jason Crabb
  2. David Phelps
  3. TaRanda Greene


As you would expect, there were a few very close races.  Here are a few notes:

  1. Dianne Wilkinson held a strong lead, but Gerald Crabb didn’t finish too far behind in the end.
  2. Declaration held almost all votes from artists in “Most Creative Project” yet finished 4th in the “Best Table Project” category.
  3. Gordon Mote and Gerald Wolfe was decided by a single vote.
  4. Van Atkins didn’t get much competition overall.
  5. As expected and predicted (by me, at least) Goss takes home Best Arranger, yet Haun sits as Top Producer.
  6. “Never Walk Alone” and “Faithful To The Cross” also were only separated by a couple of votes.
  7. “The Love of God For Me” edged out “Blue Skies Coming” and “He Didn’t When He Could’ve Passed By” by another very narrow margin.
  8. Gerald Wolfe and Michael Booth also came down to the wire as Best Emcee.  Tough choice for most.
  9. All of the nominees for “Best Table Project” got votes and were in it til the end.
  10. Same applies to “Most Re-Invented Artist(s).  I believe the transition from Trio to Quartet had a lot to do with it.
  11. The only other semi-close choice was Best Live Recording.  I would assume that Jubilee 2 edged out The Collingsworth Family based on the fact that 3 (well, 4) of SGM’s top groups collaborated for a live DVD concert.
  12. All of the other winners, won rather significantly.
  13. The largest victory differentials were GVB’s “You Are My All In All”, Perry’s “Celebrate Me Home”, Triumphant’s “Love Came Calling”, and Chris Allman as “Comeback Artist”.
  1. quartet-man permalink

    There are a few that surprise me. For instance, as much as I like Mark Trammell and adding a bass was a big thing, I think the GVB going from four (with one very long term member) to two and bringing back three of the most popular members becoming a quintet is more of a reinvention than adding a bass. I do have to wonder if there is a GVB bias, or do people just disagree or not listen to them due to taste. 🙂 Or maybe they are going by last year and not when the change happened.

    There are a few others that I won’t comment on. I am glad that “You Are My All In All” won because I think that one was considerably different than the original and saw nothing else that came close to be changed that much. I do acknowledge the two runner ups did have some creativity and differences involved (more than I might have initially realized).

    • well Q-man, we both know there is some GVB bias amongst folks, but I don’t think it played out as much in the votes as you’d think. All 3 nominees were very tight. And since I tried not to stretch further than 18 months, some may have voted elsewhere in that category.

      • I did consider voting GVB, but it seemed like shifting from trio to quartet did more dramatic things to the harmony of MTQ than adding a tenor did for the GVB.

    • I agree; I think the MTQ win is because it changed their sound more than the GVB reinvention – and because it’s been much longer since the GVB reinvention (over a year and a half.)

    • quartet-man permalink

      I understand and can see. I also really like Mark Trammell. It just seemed to me that changing out three members essentially (bringing back some fan faves while a very long tenured lead) is a bigger change. However, I see how adding a bass changes the sound of MT a lot. 🙂

  2. This was exciting…glad to see MTQ winning something. It is very well deserved! Maybe the Singing News fans will follow suit next year!

    By the way, unless I’m missing something, you don’t have the Comeback Artist category listed with the others, although you talk about it in the “footnotes.”

  3. Very interesting. I did vote for some things that didn’t finish in the top three but should have won their categories, but overall I’m pleased with the results. 🙂

    • Ha. Should have won. There were some where you were the only vote count for a couple of nominations. That’s the Yankeegospelgirl that I know! Just keepin’ it real.

      • Well actually I had in mind some that probably did get other votes, but for whatever reason didn’t end up in the top tier—like the Legacy 6 clip for Youtube moment. And even though I voted for Michael Booth as emcee over Scott Fowler, I was shocked that Scott didn’t at least make it into the top three.

        Then were a whole bunch that did place second or third, but were my first choices.

      • Yes, it turned out to be a well balanced result.

  4. I only have one objection to the results:
    Gerald Crabb, whose schedule shows him making 18 appearances in the month of October and just released a CD, nearly won in a non-performing category. I presume he was temporarily off the road when you started this, but I’d suggest making this category exclusive for songwriters who do not and have not traveled in the last several years.

    That being said, I’m impressed by your creativity in putting together such a diverse list of categories and appreciated being able to see the top three rather than just the winner.

  5. DisneyGator permalink

    My beefs are these: Taranda is far more dynamic than anyone that’s been on the stage in decades. The other one would be Lari Goss winning the best arranger. I do love his string arrangements (Wayne is right there with him), but he inserts those “old hymns” or “old hits” into songs way to often, and in the strangest places (Hoppers – East of Jerusalem). Plus, I just listened to EH&SS Tribute to the Cats, and Haun’s arrangements blew my mind. They were the best I’ve ever heard. Period.

    • Agreed about the Cats Tribute. They were terrific arrangements.

      • DisneyGator permalink

        I got the CD from Ernie last week, and I thinking “Great, another Cats tribute. How many of these can groups do?” Then I listended to it. Amazing! In my opinion, Haun helped the group “own” those songs. Loved it from begining to the end.

        And great to see the writer of 10 of the last 12 Kingdom Heirs’ songs here on the better blog.

  6. To the good folks of Friday Night Revival and all who voted…I am very honored indeed, especially in light of the two writers (both dear to me) who were in this category. I feel so blessed that God is still giving the song after 4 decades. I’ve loved every minute of it. Many thanks to all…Dianne.

  7. Carolyn Adkins permalink

    So happy to see The Collingsworth Family recognized and especially grateful that “Fear Not Tomorrow” (the song that The Lord gave many years ago) is still being used for His purposes.
    Blessings to all who honored those in this oh-so-important genre of music! Carolyn Adkins

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