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A Love Song For Southern Gospel Wives

September 29, 2011

1)  Steve Perry is one of America’s greatest vocalists and easily the most identifiable in 80’s arena rock.

2)  Reading excerpts from a partial biography, one of Perry’s (as well as former bandmate and piano player, Jonathan Cain) early musical influences was to no surprise, Gospel music.

3)  In the SGM world, this is usually about the time that the pace picks up.  September-November are one of the busiest for the popular southern gospel group. And with that comes less time to spend with family.  When you sleep on a bunk 150-250 dates a year, sleeping in the same bed as your wife becomes all the more glorious when you are home.

Loving a music man ain’t always what it’s supposed to be

But, Oh girl, you stand by me.

Essentially, there is another level to those in ministry.  But even Steve Perry and the Journey boys had to persevere with life on the road, and their families with them.  They weren’t your stereotypical 80s rock band.   They had lives that meant something beyond the drugs, booze, and women (of course comparing southern gospel groups to rock bands have a few distinctions), and they were compelled to share that part of their life with us.  Wouldn’t mind a southern gospel group to share their thoughts through song about the same thing (I mean, a good song).

So this goes out to all the marriages.  All of the husbands who have to be away to encourage the Church while making a dime.  All of the wives who are keeping things in order at home.  And all the kids keeping it real.  When you get home in the wee hours of the early Monday morning, kiss her goodnight.  She just might have coffee for you when you wake up.  And maybe a Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit.

I’m forever yours,



  1. Well, I’ve always loved the song, but I can’t help pointing out that Cain (the writer) and his wife’s marriage fell apart… so it didn’t end up being “faithful,” whoever’s fault it was. And Cain remarried, so that might be a clue.

    • Most of them were re-married. And the trivial stuff about whose fault it was really doesn’t matter. And we don’t know that it was “unfaithful”. The entire group never professed publicly to be Christians (to my knowledge). Even if they were, 50% of “Christian” marriages also end in divorce. I can always count on you to point out the hypocrisy of someone else.

      Thrust of the song, it’s hard to raise a family being on the road so much. And the relationships that ended in divorce prove my point. Even in southern gospel.

      • I realize all that, and obviously I’m not surprised that a secular rock band had failed marriages. And Christians aren’t exactly immune either. (However, I believe that 50% stat you quoted has actually been shown to be not entirely accurate. Would have to go find the reference, but my understanding is that you shouldn’t always take Barna polls for gospel truth.)

        All I’m trying to say is, I’m much more moved by a song like Steven Curtis Chapman’s “I Will Be Here.” When he sings that song now, it represents decades of true faithfulness. That means more to me than a broken promise.

      • I don’t take Barna polls as truth. Figured you were catch the ” ” in “Christian”.

  2. Bella Grace permalink

    Love the song, always have. As someone who is away from my husband more than I’m with him, this post really encouraged me this morning. Maybe he will get that cup of coffee when he gets home next time. Hey…I might even cook breakfast!

  3. quartet-man permalink

    Perry is a great vocalist and Journey a great group. YGG, I understand your point and it is sad, but the message and performance of the song is good in spite of whatever the failings of the group members were.

    • I certainly wouldn’t deny that. It’s a great road anthem—by which I mean I like to listen to it while driving. 😀

  4. DisneyGator permalink

    Hey! I thought we said no more Steve Perry psych outs!

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