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An Act.

September 21, 2011

So I had a great post ready to go today regarding a classic and one of the most influential groups in southern gospel history.  But for some reason, I suppose I “accidentally” deleted it.  Anyways, I’ll get to work on that.

—– Be looking for the results of the “Revival” Awards later this week as I get the remainder of the votes in.

—– Regarding the Dixie Melody Boys…they are their peak right now in the last several years.  Had the opportunity to hear some of the tracks today.  Quality recording, but I think all of the other “guest” singers cloud what kind of sound they actually have.  When I think I’m listening to something completely out of the ordinary for DMB, I find out that it’s actually Devin McGlamery or Ernie Haase or McCray Dove.  So it’s hard for me to truly get a feel for what they’ve done.  But they’ve made a name for themselves in the past year (or resurrected an old name) and this is certainly a case where controversy was GOOD.  God is sovereign.  Anyways, since I probably won’t review it, check out Aaron Swain’s review.

—– Also, the NQC was fun, but ultimately I was bored through half of it.  Nothing like being there.  Watching in front of a screen for a week gets old.  There were certainly good moments, but the utmost highlight was the “Songwriters Showcase”.  And YGG will even appreciate me saying, EHSS was entertaining, and Doug Anderson will remain the proverbial backbone for now.  As mentioned in an earlier post, they’re (NQC) running out of ideas for “reunions”.  They should’ve saved all those they did last year and spread ’em out.  It certainly is a draw, but after Cats, GC, Hinsons, Rambos, Speers, Nelons, Singing Americans, (am I missing anyone?) and now GVB, we’re running out.  We might be having another GC reunion though.  I’m forecasting it.

—– But to hold you over until I find my initial post, thought of the day:  Have we become the most aggressive inarticulate generation since like….a long, long, time ago?

  1. I did find myself becoming a little better educated as I got a fuller range of SG music than I’m accustomed to hearing. Bluntly put, I discovered that there are a lot of crummy songs and crummy singing out there. But I also heard some great stuff. It was a full range. It kind of made things interesting, though of course we’d all wish it was of the same high quality night after night.

    Taylor Mali is very entertaining. I can’t say the same for all of his routines, but that’s his best by far.

  2. By the way, why is this post called “An Act?”

  3. DisneyGator permalink

    Yes, a week in front of a computer screen got me to the point of anger as I realized I had wasted hours, even days, and never really took a vacation. That said, how about a Crabb Reunion? We haven’t seen that in a few days.

  4. I’d pay good money for a full-length showcase of Brian/Ivan/Mike/Tim/Garry or Jay/Jon/Mark/Tim/Channing.

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