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NQC Highlights #2

September 14, 2011

1.  Jeff & Sheri Easter was very nice.  Sheri has a lovely, unique edge in her voice that I’ve always loved and appreciated.

2.  Enjoyed L5’s set.  Good to hear a couple of new ones.  I enjoy listening to the other opinions, and Gus certainly does a great job on “For What Earthly Reason”.  Something I was looking very forward to having always been a fan of that song (my favorite on SOP), he does it justice, no doubt.  But I couldn’t go as far to say that it overmatches Danny Funderburk.  Gus is smooth though.

3.  Jason Crabb & The Bowling Family both had fantastic sets.  Live music is always a Friday Night Revival favorite around here.  Those families can sing and their arrangements are always better than average.

4.  Looking forward to more good work from the Bowling Family.

5.  Dove McCray seems held back without a wired microphone.  I miss the jump-roping.

6.  The McKameys are actually better singers than I ever think I gave them credit for.  Not particularly crazy about them, but they do know how to work a crowd, and that’s half the battle.

7.  Certainly The Hinsons were the highlight.  Kenny is (maybe not gone…) but man, the electricity in the building went up about 10 notches when they hit the stage.  Those old folks in the audience knew what was up and loved every minute of it.  I too, forget that Larry was/is a quite underrated singer.  Ronny didn’t even have to tell a story to get people shouting.  And Chris is still nailing it.

8.  The Whisnants had a terrific set.  The Whisnants are one of those groups that not a lot of people talk about, but they are one of the best.  They have a style, a blend, and a connection with the audience that get overlooked unless you’re there.

9.  MTQ set up a nice Cats song list, accompanied by Mr. Wolfe.  Sound guys must have been off a little.  Didn’t seem like they could hear one another as well in the opening couple of songs.  Things sounded just fine on the last two, “Gentle Shepherd” and “It’s Almost Over”.

10.  Booth Brothers were fun to watch and the songs they chose were perfect for their opening appearance. Their blend is great live and it actually suits them well that they are at about the same amount of “smoothness”.  Not one of them is really overpowering in any way, but smooth gets things done.  And they are that.  And very good at it.

11.  I actually enjoyed the Christmas segment.  I was originally under the impression that most of the night would be themed as such, but a 30 minute finale was a great idea.  I’m one of those guys who can listen to Christmas music anytime but January-June.  Around July, I truly get the bug.

12.  I thought the Crist Family was going to knock Allman down as he was singing.  But he’s too good to let the presents bother him.

13.  Dennis Schwanberg made me laugh a couple of times.

14.  Not many piano players smile and cheese it up as much as Jeff Stice.  He’s hard to beat.

15.  I wonder what the talent level is in these showcase performances.  Or at least, who’s judging?

16.  Kelly Wright did alright for a Fox News guys.  But seriously, a beautiful, touching story.  If you missed it, go back and check it out “On Demand”.

17.  Enjoyed The Hoppers Christmas set.  They should sing that song all year round.

18.  Looking forward to Jason Crabb hosting the events tomorrow night.  I know we’ll see a lot of “aww shucks, I’m just a kid from Kentucky” moments.  Sweet, godly man…


  1. Craig West is leaving. It’s official.

    [Channels C-3PO]: Here we go again.

  2. DisneyGator permalink

    The highlights were Jason Crabb and Family AND the Hinson Reunion. These two performances are so similar in style – straight-at-you-Pentecostal-singing. They were both just fantastic. Booth Bros are always awesome – but not as good as the former two groups mentioned. I saw the Christmas thing in CA and it was great, but did I notice the Crist Family lip-syncing? Either that or their stacks were so hot it just seemed like lip-sync – and I hate hot stacks. You can either sing, or you can’t – don’t stack to make you better than you are. As far as showcase talent, I agree. Who’s judging the talent level, because some of it just can’t stack up.

    • Yes, I do believe the Crist Family were lip-syncing. Or at least, it sounded like it.

      And must not be an enormous amount of talent “showcasing their talent”.

      • The Booths were my favorite, but the Bowlings are actually probably a close second.

        I did heard at least one of the Crist girls actually singing, and you could hear a couple laughing through their notes. But they definitely had stacks cranked waaaay up. Maybe it’s because they were too busy throwing snowballs to concentrate fully on their singing??

  3. DisneyGator permalink

    I’d say it’s a talent issue. I’ve been out on the West Coast for most of my life (they’re supposedly from WA), and I never heard of them before they made the move to full-time. They’ve got like 8 singers, so I don’t know why they don’t just rely on vocal talent. I hate stacks. Just sing!

  4. Norm permalink

    Might be a little late to post but not sure what you missed about High Road, a country gospel trio of three college girls who were one of the regional showcase winners. They got a good standing ovation at the showcase and a partial one on the mainstage. I’m a old SGM fan from Canada and have no connection to them but with their singing and playing I see them as having a future beyond country gospel such as Allison Krause and Union Station. Did you notice the great fiddling Anna Grace of the group did for Rambo McGuire especially on “Mama’s Teaching Angel’s How to Sing?”

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