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NQC Highlights #1

September 13, 2011

1.  People complaining about Compassion International.  Ridiculous.  The people complaining are the ones who are probably either convicted or completely cold and lifeless in regards to the Gospel.  Which is ironic, since it’s a southern gospel event.

2.  Everyone loved Kim Hopper’s shoes last night.

3.  Perrys had a nice set.  Emotional solo by Tracy Stuffle, though his “The Lord and me had a little talk” intro felt a little awkward and played up.  Nonetheless, the heart behind it felt contrite and was a nice surprise and tribute to the late Younce. The Perrys can really work up a crowd.

4.  Bill Shivers is still underrated.

5.  I enjoy Triumphant Quartet more and more each time I hear them.

6.  Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver were quietly, one of the highlights.

7.  Never realized Jason Clark was getting so thin up top.

8.  Still, would have enjoyed The Nelons on mainstage.

9.  Karen Peck is so sweet.  And Gerald Wolfe is funny.  He doesn’t need to go to Bible Study, “I already understand God”.  Classic Wolfe…

10.  Can’t believe people overlook the history of “No Longer Chained”.  You don’t have to be a “Roman” citizen to be a “Roman” soldier, therefore marriage guidelines were different. I know that creates a loophole in the argument…  It’s a wonderful song.

11.  “I Know A Man Who Can”

12.  Joseph Habedank can light up a crowd.  Good singer, but great stage presence.

13.  The “New” Singing Gospel Caravan was solid and the performances were fine, but I think it was missing the electricity needed to pull it off more effectively.

14.  The Blackwood Brothers sound a lot like they would have forty years ago and that’s not a bad thing.

15.  It’s nice to hear Debra Talley talk.  She connects with a crowd very well without being overbearing.

16.  Daniel Riley is a pretty good singer.  Craig West was great, but is lacking some stage presence.  Tim Riley adds so much to that sound. Bring back “Where Is God” is a nice addition for this group.

17.  Squire Parsons was excellent.  He was at my church last year and could barely perform.  So it was excellent to see him back in much better condition.

18.  I’ve really only had exposure to The Collingsworth Family for 3 or so years, but they’re talented people and their following is entirely justified.

19.  Mike Hopper is a great drummer.  If you could only see Dean Hopper play the bass guitar…my, my.

20.  Hope the sound guys get things straight tonight.  It’s so much easier to blame things on the sound guys, in churches, and at National Quartet Conventions.

21.  “If You Knew Him” got people on their feet as expected.  It’s a good song, but I still think its message wasn’t written for unbelievers.

  1. DisneyGator permalink

    Guess you didn’t hear Doyle and QuicklySilver online. It didn’t translate over cyberspace very well and “Sea of Life” – not very pretty. I agree about the Nelons needing to be on mainstage. They’re bringing up a lot of showcase groups that can’t even get close to them.

    • must’ve sounded alright from where I was. but that comment could also be translated that it was a highlight because maybe I wasn’t paying close attention…. i’ll send you a private e-mail to give you more direct analysis on ole’ Doyle.

  2. You are the first reviewer I’ve seen who likes the song and yet questions the targeted audience for “If You Knew Him.” I appreciate your making the effort to think outside the box — and you are correct.

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