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Southern Classic(s) Rocks: The Gardener On GVB

September 8, 2011

Fully anticipating the GVB reunion thingamajig next week!


If I were to ask some artists around the artist circle (and maybe I have) what the elite Gaither Vocal Band project is, you’d probably hear back “Southern Classics”.  Terry Franklin and Michael English were golden.  The song selection and song arrangements were quite remarkable, to say the least.  If I used a method of basing projects in relation to what a group had previously recorded, there would be no contest.  Southern Classics is at the top.  While googling some various info, I encountered this interesting thread published a couple of years ago, cementing a popular opinion.  Scroll down and you’ll get to it. Southern Classics turned the tide, not just for Gaither, but for gospel music.

But we don’t have to argue.

For you garden lovers out there, The Gardener opens up with “Southern Classics” in his GVB segment.  Enjoy.

  1. Indeed, that was a landmark recording. Just stellar.

  2. You got plugged!

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