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Other Stuff Going Down… (don’t know why I had this post entitled “Who Am I?”

September 1, 2011

—– Legacy Five re-recorded “For What Earthly Reason”.  ‘Bout time a Cats alumni group do it.  Heard through the grapevine a few months ago that it sounds excellent.  Gus agreed.  Of course he would…

—– Revival Awards – 2nd Round to begin tomorrow (or maybe later today).  Find your way back to the site and vote.

—– DBM has reports on another “Ryan Seaton Quartet” sighting.

—– Like reading church marquees?  So do I.  Some members apparently listen to Snoop D O Double G.  Check them out.

—– Like books?  A check out what is deemed the “Sanctuary of Booklovers”.  The Midtown Scholar takes pride in classic literature, out of prints, rarities, and scholarly works.  I found it to be quite lovely.  You can read the whole thing here.

Take me back twenty years to my adolescent crush on Amy Lambert.  It may have been the Cindy Crawford esque beauty mole (ladies, I say that with respect and have admitted this to my better half).  Nonetheless, it was good music.

  1. I got a sneak preview of the new L5 project and it sounds great. This blend is perfect. Hoping to get my hands on a copy soon.

  2. Nate Stainbrook permalink

    Gus could totally make “For What Earthly Reason” His signature song with L5…

    • I can’t wait to hear it. I think I’m going to die. Okay, slight exaggeration.

      • Nate Stainbrook permalink

        O I have been feeling that way all week checking my mailbox LOL… I have been hoping they would offer the digital download of it in their store soon…

      • Hey Nate! I would assume (as well as you would also) these are pre-release copies so they can have it by NQC. I would be surprised if they began to offer it as a digital download until Daywind “officially” releases it.

      • nate stainbrook permalink

        Hey yankee, scott said that it would be available as a digital download soon…

  3. By the way, I don’t think you were an adolescent twenty years ago… shall we call it a pre-adolescent crush? 😀

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