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Revival Awards: Round 2

September 1, 2011

Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far.  Round 2 starts now.

Click this link to vote for Round 2a

Click this link to vote for Round 2b

(Note:  There were some ties, so they are listed as such…otherwise the numbered order of every other nomination DOES NOT reflect how they fared in Round 1 according to their vote count, in case you thought I provided some correlation.)

  1. I’m very bummed that “Never Walk Alone” didn’t make it for best crucifixion song. Very, very bummed. I didn’t vote for it in the “power ballad” section because I just think “We Will Stand Our Ground” is the more quintessential power ballad, but I wouldn’t mind if it won. Maybe the issue is that there was one “easy listening” and one “power ballad” section and not one for just “ballads.”

    • Missed by one vote. It was very surprising.

      • Actually, my mistake… miscounted. I had actually previously edited it, but forgot to install it before I headed out to mow my yard. Clouded brain. It didn’t miss by a vote actually.

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