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Creation, Crowder, Congregations, & Carrying

August 29, 2011

—– It never fails, Adam & Eve lead an evangelical charge towards the truth of the Biblical authority and Creation.  Check out what Southeastern Seminary president, Albert Mohler has to say. 

—– David Crowder Band releasing a Christmas project, “Oh For Joy“, with an album cover that may be one of the most creatively awesome album cover I’ve ever seen for a Christmas project.

—— Love the homeless and at risk, absolutely.  But don’t leave out the cross.  A wonderful, articulate testimony of one who tried.  You can read it here.

—– So you don’t like a particular song you sing at church?  You don’t like hymns?  You don’t like southern gospel?  You don’t like P&W?  And have a problem with it?  As long as it glorifies Christ, Greg Gilbert…very kindly, says don’t make it shut you up!  Sing anyways!  Do it for your church.  You can read the whole thing here. 


—– And there’s just something about the family harmony of that Jewish-American new-grass…



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  1. I loved that poverty and the cross article you linked to. So many people (read:liberals/liberal Christians), are constantly harping on how we should all feeling guilty for not “doing something” about the poor while leaving out the one thing that could really save them.

    As for the singing loudly in church piece, I do have a question: What if you’ve got a problem with the lyrics? I mean, really, a problem, as in, “I don’t feel like I can sing this in good conscience?” I would feel that way about that new Jesus Culture song… what’s it called? “Come Away,” I think. It is DREADFUL. It’s from the perspective of God, and the chorus is saying, “It’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be great…” So God wants to whisk us away to some kind of orgy? No thanks. Or suppose a guy just didn’t feel right about singing one of those “romantic” worship songs.

    I wouldn’t want to force someone to sing something to which they have a principled objection.

    • Thank you for clarifying that there are “Christian liberals”. But according to him, sing anyway. (Notice I did say, “if it glorifies Christ). Sadly many songs in any Christian genre fail to do that). While I’m not a particular fan of “Come Away”, to say it sounds like an orgy, I think would be missing the point, even if it is rather weak. In fact, it contains one of the most Scripturally sound lines about heaven that can be found anywhere, including southern gospel. “It’s full of me”. That alone, is brilliant.

      • Yes. Perhaps that should have been liberal “Christians.” It can get to the point where I really wonder.

        True, he did include “if it glorifies Christ.” But I think there may be differences of opinion as to whether a song is glorifying Christ or not.

      • And what a wonderful thing it is, that YGG cannot judge a heart and attitude of worship. Nor I.

      • Well I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I’m just saying that I felt like that was something that didn’t really get addressed in the piece. Then again, he might tell the guy “Sing that romantic song that makes you feel uncomfortable REALLY loudly, because you never know, there might be some girl here who LOVES it, and it gives her warm fuzzies!” I mean shucks, I’m a girl, and my take is, “Leave the guy alone!”

      • Should have added, but then again, I’m not really that normal as girls go, so my opinion probably doesn’t represent the majority of my gender. LOL.

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