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David Hill, Gold City, & All That I Am

August 25, 2011

While there is sufficient reason to believe my opinion is simply my opinion…and it is, but while I was collecting thoughts on my lawnmower last week, I got to thinking about a song that has largely been forgotten.  There is no arguing with the Parker/Free group.  But when David Hill joined Gold City, I was convinced they would continue being a superior group.  I remember that day, fairly young, going into the local Christian bookstore at the mall and seeing the album “Standing In The Gap”.  The radio was already spinning “I’m Not Giving Up” on a pretty heavy rotation, and I had heard a Trammell featured “Show Me The Cross”, and a couple of others that I knew The Specks had recorded.  So I paid my $10.99 and walked off to enjoy the cassette.

I decided that it was a quality recording and I had one track left to go.  And then I realized the beauty of that final song, “All That I Am”.  Hill possessed a strong lead vocal with an incredible smoothness that was similar to Ivan in that context, but did it in a different style.  He’s largely been heralded as one of those guys with exceptional talent to jump from group to group, Anchormen, Singing Americans, Perrys, Nelons, Gold City and his own group Malachi.  That’s quite the resume for a vocalist, but never could stay around one place.  Most GC fans will be familiar with Wilburn, but go take a listen to this song, if you have the CD.  The orchestration is light, but charging…adding, instead of subtracting from the vocals.  And the lyrics portray the gospel.

All that I am, is why you gave…on that day the cross of death became my life, my every breath.

This video won’t do it justice (it’s very shaky, and the audio isn’t superb), but here’s a little taste.  You won’t hear this on a GC classics project, but my…what a splendid song.  (By the way, I was aware that Terry and Barbie Franklin wrote this…they wrote a lot for GC in the mid 90s, as well as half of the “Renewed” project…he probably thinks somebody should renew “All That I Am” too).

  1. quartet-man permalink

    It is definitely a highlight and one of my favorites.

  2. DisneyGator permalink

    This came from the first southern gospel CD I ever bought (Bride: 11 Hits and Mrs was the first overall). Me and my buddies really loved this album and we all wanted the track to “All That I Am” so we could sing it at church. Great tune.

    • I held on to cassettes for a long while. Not sure which was my first, but I got this on CD about a year later. The first bought CD may have been The Cathedrals Reunion. And I mean, I know I already wrote a whole post about it, but it was a great tune. Somebody could do it today, with the same arrangement, and they’d think it was brand new.

    • Gator, I have that track. 🙂

  3. I love Standing in the Gap.

  4. Jeff Gurnett permalink

    I loved this version of Gold City, more-so than the Parrack, Wilburn, Trammell, Riley combo. And Standing in the Gap was an OUTSTANDING recording. Phenomenal song selection, great arrangements and first-class vocals.

  5. The melody sounds like “You Raise Me Up” (which is really just Danny Boy).

    • Rebecca Newsome permalink

      This is a great song, But if I remember correctly, Danny Boy was used for He Looked Beyond My Faults.

  6. Brent permalink

    When it comes down to it I would probably say that “Standing In The Gap” is my all time favorite Gold City recording. What an amazing album.

    • Call me standard, but behind “POF”, it’s my next favorite. After they revamped, “Standing In The Gap” really helped to re-launch them.

  7. By the way, this was written by Terry and Barbi Franklin. (Assume FNR already knew that but thought others would like to know.)

  8. never2ice permalink

    “Standing in the Gap” was my introduction to Gold City, and basically southern gospel in general (with the exception of the Cathedrals…I was a fan of them long before I ever had any interest in the broader genre of southern gospel). I’m one of those people where when I hear a really good song that just connects with me on every level, I want to isolate myself with my stereo and really experience the song. To me, “All that I Am” is one of those type songs. Of course, this is totally subjective to your personal experience, but I would say it is the most moving song Gold City has ever recorded. In my opinion, to this date this album is still one of the best produced Gold City projects, and arguably one of the best of the SGM industry. A recording engineer or producer (or artist for that matter) could sit and listen to how this project sounds and just learn.

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