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Pentecostals, Abercrombie, Ed Hill, and the KJV

August 22, 2011

—– A seminary professor encourages his students to read fiction.  Many pastors are giving illustrations from a little book entitled Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry.  Check out the professor’s review of the book here.

Also, if you don’t like reading, is giving the audiobook of “Hannah Coulter” as a download, free of charge for the month of August.

—– A 4 year old pentecostal preacher has been hitting the news rounds.  You can check out this NBC interview here.  But I do have, from what I believe, are some articulated thoughts about why this is both a bad and a good thing.  I shall share them soon.  But I think overall, it could be very harmful.

—– On Musicscribe, DBM has a great video of the great Ed Hill worth checkin’ out.

—– Abercrombie & Fitch pay for “Jersey Shore” star to stop wearing their product.   I don’t agree with most of their marketing techniques (that’s actually understated), but can agree wholeheartedly with this.  Jersey Shore is a reality TV show filled with nothing but debauchery, and it provided for a thrilling laugh.

—– To Celebrate the 400th Year Anniversary of the KJV, John Piper has a video worth watching in its entirety.

  1. Well for some reason the NBC clip isn’t loading when I go to it from your site, but I found it elsewhere.

    I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Like you I have mixed feelings, but particularly in this case I’m inclined to agree with you. If you listen closely to what he’s “preaching” in the one clip, he’s not really saying anything: “God has to do it, and then Jesus, and then God has to do it, and then Jesus, and then God…” Every kid imitates what they see the people around them doing—he just happens to be really good at it. Now that’s adorable, but I’d be cautious to put it down to the moving of the Spirit.

    • Exactly. He’s not making sense. The Spirit wouldn’t inspire that. This kid probably isn’t even saved yet. And it’s probably putting him on a pedastool and eventually, putting a lot of pressure on him to declare him this sort of super hero preacher. I bet he doesn’t even clean his room. So what happens when he turns 18, and begins to question why God’s not around? And thinks to himself, “but everybody else told me I was called to be a preacher!” I would never put the pressure of a calling like that on my son.

      • Well, we can hope that God will bring him to a fuller understanding as he grows older, but meanwhile I just don’t feel like this is being handled the right way.

  2. By the way, who doesn’t like reading?? Someone very strange…

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