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Kingdom Heirs, Gardening, & the Trinity

August 15, 2011

—– A few months ago, a California resident began gardening and talking about southern gospel in front of a camera.  Steadily, the videos have gotten better.  It’s clearly evident that he is on pace to become a household name in the industry.  Shown below is his most recent work of a “A Strawberry Tree” and commentary on “The Kingdom Heirs”. He’s also covered Triumphant, L5, GV, among others.  If you don’t watch it through, at least catch the outtakes.



—– Don’t forget tomorrow, BF&A’s new hits compilation “A Season To Remember” will be officially released.


—– Fred Sanders, clarifies how there is no such thing as a “Trinity” verse in the Bible, and argues how that makes the truth of the Trinity biblically stronger.  You can check it out here.


—– Finally, here’s a bonus clip of the new Dixie Echoes lineup.

One Comment
  1. Those southern gospel gardening episodes are so funny. It’s like a totally random combination. “So I’m going to dig this hole here, and we’ll see how it goes. Now my second favorite Legacy Five album is….” 😆

    The Dixie Echoes haven’t really been on my radar until now, but holy cow, new tenor dude can sing. What a voice.

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