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These Kids Aren’t Playing With A Ouiji Board

August 12, 2011

—– African children are tortured and killed, as local pastors believe them to be witches.  An interesting article found here seems to be maddening the liberal society, and rightfully so.  This kind of thing isn’t exactly uncommon in other parts of the world, but with many “churches” and “pastors” involved, it seems to have garnered more notoriety in certain parts of Africa for its unreasonableness.  There could be many layered factors for this, but I’ll only include 3.

1)  Satan poisons minds.

2)  The health, wealth, and prosperity gospel extremely affects the structure of the foreign church in many and various ways.  One congregation’s mantra, “pray your way to riches”.  They look at American “Christians” and see us proclaiming these things in “Jesus name”.  Seriously, God help us.

3)  Better education and training for African pastors.  Evangelical organizations such as African Leadership can be supported by you, right now to take part in halting this method of madness in the name of Christ in properly training African ministers in understanding compassion, justice and grace.


—– I know I’ve been slacking on the Project Debut series.  It’s been a very busy summer, and for the most part I’ve been listening to new music.  But check out the site tomorrow morning, and we may have a winner.


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  1. Yeah, I can just hear the lefties… “See? See? You start by denouncing Harry Potter and look where it’s taking the world. THE EVANGELICALS ARE COMING!

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