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The Gold Dust Twins: Billy Graham & Charles Templeton

August 10, 2011

—— Billy Graham & Charles Templeton.  Two men were expected to lead a spiritual revolution in their generations and set the world on fire.  One of them did.  The other no longer considered himself a Christian.  That man became one of the saddest men, giving one of the saddest interviews I have ever read, in which I was in awe of the history and deceptiveness of the circumstances, and realized how disillusioned we can be, because of selfish gain and Satan.  I highly, highly recommend you read the interview here.  If there is ever a post I have written which had a link to another article, this may be the most agonizing, yet most enlightening.  I had an English professor who brought this topic up one day.  In reality, the class was mostly a presentation and dialogue about how to think critically and argue critically, then write about it.  You know the doctrine of eternal security came up after hearing and discussing this story.  “Ah, a man with so much external potential”.

Even this article which I also recommend, from a blog entitled “The Eloquent Atheist” has additional info on the life of Charles Templeton.

You can find Templeton’s book, “Farewell to God” just about anywhere, and is worth a read.

You can see a clip from the movie “Billy: The Early Years”, in which the portrayal of Templeton is referenced and brought to the screen.


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  1. The interview isn’t displaying for me. Tried it on two browsers.

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