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3 Appropriate Eulogies in 3 Respective Categories

July 31, 2011

Some eulogies are in order.

First up, Keith Green.  Last Thursday was the 29th year celebration of Green’s glorious homecoming.  Many of you know the details of his death and how he helped pioneer Gospel music’s dark side (aka CCM).  But what a legacy he left in a short life and God used him all over the world.  And God is still using him.  This may be a little long for your taste, but if you can watch the first 5-10 minutes, do so.



And John Stott…pastor for many years, and writer of exceptional works such as, “Basic Christianity”, “The Cross of Christ”, “Men Made New”, “Between Two Worlds”, and his superb “Bible Speaks Today” commentaries on the books of “John”, “Romans”, and “Acts” also died last week.  Numerous pastors, professors, and ministers have been influenced by the life and work of this godly man.  Personally, he has even been an inspiration to my own study of the Word of God.  I read “Basic Christianity” when I was re-discovering my way back from the ditches of bitterness, depression, and religion and it left a firm imprint on my heart and mind.  And most recently, I’ve found his commentary on the Gospel of John to be very, very helpful.  If I could pick one book on John, I would choose Stott’s.  Rest and sing praises in your eternal life, sir Scott.  I know you will rest and praise well.




And finally, Amy Winehouse… We’ve already heard the jokes on whether or not she really should’ve went to Rehab for her drug and alcohol problems.  But, she was a soul who never experienced the Gospel, transforming her life.  My prayer is that many around the world, who loved or didn’t love her music will see the reality of her death, in a new and illuminating context in accordance with Scripture.  I pray many will consider death, life, and life after death.  Maybe many will realize the strongholds and demons of their addictive nature and kick the habit.  And maybe the light of the world and the bread of life will impose Himself on those searching hearts, satisfying them with all their needs. God, use her death for your glory, however that would work out.

  1. Wow, 29 years since Keith died. He was a shooting star all right. I love some of his music, although some of his emotionalism turns me off. Don’t get me wrong, his passion was incredible, it’s just that it feels like too much sometimes, and that came through in his singing as well—it just wasn’t always my cup of tea. But RIP Keith.

    Amy Winehouse… good Lord. Had never even heard of her before seeing people talk about the fact that she had died, and I don’t have any great desire to learn more about her. Little surprised you actually posted “Rehab” on here. What a depressing story.

    • I’m glad you’re surprised. I did so, because it is depressing. And I honestly believe the Lord will use this…just as He did through the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin. I’ve heard incredible testimonies of people who were changed through their deaths when God intervened and opened their blind eyes.

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