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The Altar Call

July 29, 2011

I apologize for not being available recently.  It’s been a very busy week.  I also apologize for readers believing I was hating on Gold City.  I wasn’t.  And if it sounded like I did, I didn’t intend to.  To some of you, it would sound like I was, just as it sounded to me like a bad way to write about a booking agency change.  Anyone with common sense would understand that.  Truth be known, I’ve been inside the industry long enough not to care about spreading rumors. If I did care that much, I would hit the altar.

So I’m back.  Speaking of altar call…


I present to you, The Altar Call’s Greatest Hits



And a reader’s take of the King James Bible.

  1. Welcome back. And I didn’t think you were hating on Gold City.

    Love the video, but wish they hadn’t used such a great arrangement of “Just As I Am” to kick it off. Glad deserves better!

    As for our infidel who thinks he’s funny… Ha. Ha. Ha. My sides are splitting, or maybe not. And I see he wasn’t the only one.

    • Yeah, it’s sad to see others take such a satirical view on the Book of God, who gives life, yet He can save even those.

      • It may be sad, but it’s not surprising. Richard Dawkins does the same thing, just with bigger words and a British accent.

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