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Luther, Hell, & Charles Johnson

July 18, 2011

—- Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, “Martin Luther: Echoes of the Hammer” is a graphic novel which goes into depth of Luther’s life, death, and the Reformation.  If your kids are reading smut, pick up a copy of this for Christmas.  Here’s a clip.



—– Russia enacts law opposing abortion.  The collapse of communism has seen some great moral victories.


—– 2 or 3 months ago, Rob Bell released “Love Wins“, throwing evangelicals into a whirlwind of defending a biblical definition and reality of hell.  The Emergent Church has undoubtedly transitioned to “heresy” if it isn’t already.  I remember reading Rob Bell’s other book, “Velvet Elvis”.  Even though I disagreed with most of it, I concluded that some interesting points were made and I wasn’t ready to cast him out just yet (even though, looking back…I later realized some key doctrines were ultimately challenged and left to hang in the balance in his theological universe).  Now, I am.  Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle have offered a response in “Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity And The Things We Made Up“.  Here’s a review worth checking out.  And here’s a video.



—– There are several solid versions of this song, but I came across an old cassette owned by my great-grandmother of “Charles Johnson & The Revivers” recently, in which this song was featured.  This was my great-grandmothers favorite version. Enjoy.


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  1. I definitely appreciate what Francis Chan is doing. It’s much-needed, certainly. However, I will say that what he’s saying does lean in the direction of divine command theory. I’m not saying that the kind of arrogance he’s addressing doesn’t need to be addressed, but I wouldn’t then necessarily argue that it is ALWAYS inappropriate to say, “I can’t imagine a God who [fill-in-the-blank]” or “I wrestle with the idea that God would [fill-in-the-blank].” For example, I think it’s probably healthy for us to feel a little perplexed over some of those Old Testament passages we’ve discussed where God orders people to kill innocents.

    The main problem I think we’re facing is that this arrogance is arising in people who simply have a broken moral compass. “Well I can’t imagine a God who would condemn homosexuality.” Really? You literally can’t imagine it? Man, you have a really warped sense of morality. “How could God send anybody to Hell?” What planet are you from? Where are your natural “die bug die” instincts?? I think that’s the ultimate problem we’re facing today.

  2. Oh, and for the record, I’m not sure what people find so appealing about Rob Bell. The guy creeps me out—like something that crawled out from under a rock. Just sayin’.

    • I think I know. When he first hit headlines in the evangelical world, we were under the assumption that he had a new method to present a true message. And over the years, we’ve realized it is a new method, but in presenting a false gospel.

      • Right. The funny thing is that he’s just feeding people the standard emergentist line that other emergentist leaders are spouting, so it’s not even like he’s all THAT original. I see him and I go, “Yawn. Another liberal. And?”

      • Yes. I guess he just has more of a platform. The Emergent church is a fading reality. They prioritize relationships and community over truth. By doing so, there becomes a disconnect in the foundation of those relationships and the specific community.

  3. CopperHill permalink

    Thanks for the link to I Can’t Even Walk.

    I went back and watched this YouTube version by Gordon Mote from a circa 2008 Gaither video — — that is the first time I ever heard thissong. I don’t think any other version can ever top this one for me! The fact that it is Gordon Mote and the photos from his childhood and of his family give is an added degree of poignancy–not to mention his rendition of the song itself. I feel much the same way about Tony Greene’s versions I have seen on YouTube. Very moving.

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