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July 11, 2011

—– Do Christians have to join a church?  Mike McKinley provides a great, short and detailed clip.



—– Why some Christians mistake “Be in this world, but do not be of this world” for dropping out of the world altogether, and why that’s not God’s mission at all.  Read a great article from R.C. Sproul here.  Maybe we can all get our hearts right.

—– The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts are now offering free video and audio via Itunes, for free.  You will be able to hear leading scholars talk about manuscripts, textual criticism, history, and commentary on key passages.  Most (if not all) scholars are conservative.  Check more out here.

—– A clip from one of the best recent Rock Documentaries ever made, “It Might Get Loud”.  The multi-talented and multi-mysterious Jack White makes a guitar.  This is the opening scene. Featuring White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page, you can see the opening trailer here.  If you like music, I encourage you to pick it up on Netflix.



—– Before next Monday, be looking for 2 new CD Reviews.  One of which, will be #3 in our “Project Debut” series.

—– And here’s your gospel music fix.  A recent performance of The Martin’s singing one of their best from the new project. Average quality.  And how do you like the stools?

  1. “Do Christians have to join a church?” is a question usually asked by those who have been hurt so badly by a local church that they find the concept of associating with “Christians” disgusting and revolting. Much like rape victims find it difficult to trust men in general. Until the Holy Spirit heals them, no amount of rational argument would convince them that they should “join a church”. In other words, Mike McKinley missed the point.

  2. I appreciate your comment. And to an extent, you are correct. There are many who have been hurt in the church. Those wounds must be healed. But I don’t think that was what was implied. It may be more common than you think that many of the younger generation in this culture, specifically aiming at the “emerging church” and its sub-genre denominations truly believe this way. Furthermore, many up and coming pastors of those same churches wrestle with these same ideas of church membership. This is oddly, a prevalent idea. The intent of the video was to prepare a Biblical model that would eventually lead to spiritual accountability and subsequently, church discipline.

  3. I think too that we have to keep in mind that not everyone who moans, “I’ve been woooooounded” really has something legitimate to complain about. Yes, some people do, but some people are doubtless just touchy and overreacting. I once saw Christian singer Jason Gray whining about how deeply hurt he was when he attended John Piper’s church and how “divisive” John Piper is. That right there is a clue: This guy is just a flake.

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