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Southern Gospel Over/Under

July 9, 2011

1.  David Phelps picks up a SN Fan Award for Favorite Tenor = 25%:

2.  Dan Keeton, Craig West, or Tim Riley depart Gold City by the next year = By July 2012:

3.  Sonya Isaacs and Jimmy Yeary’s child will be a musical prodigy (or at least, very good) = 57%:

4.  There will be a Jubilee 3 = 40%:

5.  There will be a Jubilee 3 with The Mark Trammell Quartet featured in some capacity = 25%

6.  EH&SS will stop doing weird things with their hair and clothes and will “experiment” with doing “normal” things = 6%:

7.  A Rodney Griffin penned tune will go #1 on the charts by = June 2012:

8.  Brian free will shave his “soul patch” by = January 2012:

9.  Austin’s Bridge will return to the gospel music scene by 2012 NQC = 13%:

10.  Dixie Melody Boys will have perhaps, their best selling album in 15-20 years with their 50th Anniversary project featuring many former members and special guests = 42%

This game is real simple.  I give you a base percentage or date, and you say either Over or Under to that number or date.  For example…the over/under for EHSS is 6%.  I’m forecasting the chances are even slimmer than that.

If you’ve seen PTI, then you know how to play.  Here’s another example.  Enjoy.

  1. 1. Under

    2. Under

    3. We’ll have to wait a while to test this, but… over.

    4. Way over.

    5. Likewise.

    6. I don’t quite get this because EHSS has already mellowed out a lot. Devin is kinda the last hold-out on the hair, and Ernie wears some shiny suits, but overall they don’t seem “weird” anymore.

    7. Under.

    8. Hmmmmm. Over? (Don’t tell, but I think he should shave it tomorrow!)

    9. Eh… under.

    10. That seems likely. Over.

  2. CopperHill permalink

    1. Under–since I’m only one vote!
    2. Under –that’s a whole year away
    3. Over–Isaac genes alone
    4. Don’t know anything about Jubilee 1 or 2
    5. MTQ isn’t on my radar screen
    6 . Over–to my dismay they seem to be getting more and more conservative
    7. Under
    8. Over
    9. Under
    10 Over–getting axed from NQC”main stage” is best thing that ever happened to them PR wise

    • I must have been un-informed on the current status of EHSS’ hair and suits. My apologies.

      CopperHill, you hit the nail on the head about DMB. Ultimately, a great PR move.

  3. Gaithermusicaddict permalink

    1. Are you kidding me? Over!
    2. Under
    3. Over. Baby Yeary must be singing(mama’s teaching angels how to sing) in the tummy as we speak.
    4. ???
    5. ???
    6. With age they will. Over, I guess?
    7. Over
    8. If his wife likes it then its under.
    9. Under
    10. Over

  4. southern brit permalink

    Don’t you know, EH can’t lose his signature hair. Then he might lose his signature sound… (insert drumroll here) 🙂

  5. Gaithermusicaddict permalink

    I meant over. Thanks YGG.

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