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Post-Independence Day Post

July 6, 2011

—– As I was heading out of town for a few days, I go through my typical routine.  Anytime I’m driving 5 or more hours, my traveling schedule consists of a few things.  1)  Since I don’t have an Ipod hook-up, I play CD’s.  I’ll listen to a couple of sermons from various Pastors or Speakers that I keep up with.  The sermons usually last between 45 minutes-to an hour.  So, that’s about 2 hours filled.  2)  I’ll usually have about 30-45 minutes of silence.  I’ll either pray or think or look around, sometimes all three at once.  3)  I’ll usually talk on the phone for about 20 minutes to someone.  Or 10 minutes to 2 people.  But when I’m driving, I like to have “me” time, if that makes sense. 4)  I’ll listen to 2 or 3 CD’s that are either brand new or old, but I’ve been itching to hear for a while.  5)  I’ll play an old live album like Singing Americans “Live & Alive”.

On this particular day, I did put in “Live & Alive”…and every time I hear it, it never gets old.  Yes, it’s the live emotion and energy that gospel music uses to captivates our hearts and minds, and this recording excels in that department.  After the Jerry Goff intro, there’s very little talking.  Ed Hill does give a lengthy introduction to all the members, but that’s expected and I’ve heard a lot longer. But it’s the music.  And it’s Michael.  “I Bowed” is obviously what many consider one of the biggest songs in gospel music and for Michael, but it’s what takes place after it that continues to blow my mind each time I hear it.  It always refreshes me and leaves me shaking my head.   “I Wouldn’t Miss Heaven For The World”.  Michael goes nuts on this one.  I realize that there may have been (and probably was) editing in between songs, but the freak of nature just got done singing his mind out on “I Bowed”, and now he’s hitting those outrageous notes that lead singers should not be hitting.  I catch myself thinking that this kind of vocal performance isn’t quite human.  And then there’s the breathing and growling that takes place right before the key change, heading into the last chorus, which do make him human…and it certainly adds to the song in typical Michael style.  As if he needed those extra breaths anyways…  Go take a listen for yourself and be astounded.

—– Also on my road trip, I got behind The Booth Brothers’ bus.  It didn’t immediately dawn on me.  There was some traffic and I got behind this big ole bus.  I believe I was listening to an old Kingdom Heirs project at the time, not paying attention, and I realized that this bus looked like a southern gospel bus.  I finally got around them.  The driver had his shades on, they were going about 60 in a 65.  I don’t have time for that.  I didn’t cut them off, but I didn’t wave either.  But in case you were wondering, they were driving with great caution and the bus was cruising in the right hand lane, unswerving.

—– As I was listening to that Kingdom Heirs album, I came to my own personal conclusion that on many of the lighter, mellow songs in which Arthur Rice takes the spotlight, and he’s not hitting hard, power notes, his smoothness reminds me of Mike LeFevre.  But then when he is singing like a machine, it would be Mike LeFevre on steroids…or the comparison wouldn’t even adequately apply at all.

—– Also speaking of the Kingdom Heirs, I really look forward to maybe planning a trip to Dollywood soon to see them and go ride the new roller coaster, “The Barnstormer“.

—– And can I just say that the livestream for Greater Vision’s new project release “party” was very innovative for a genre that many see lacking in innovation.  What did you think?

  1. Good thing you didn’t cut off the Booth Brothers. That would have been embarrassing. 😳

    I actually missed the Greater Vision stream. But I THINK you had to have a facebook account to see it, and I’m not on facebook. Please make me feel better by telling me only facebook users could watch…

  2. i didn’t know FB limited it..that stinks. And I agree with the whole “road trip routine”..I have a system. The newer CDs i get I put in the console (easy access while driving). After I memorized all the songs or a long time passes by, they journey their way into a large shoebox I keep in the car. My wife despises the shoebox. It’s almost full. I’ve got about 35 CDs in it, ranging from recent releases to my classic gotta-have-with-me projects (i.e., The Perrys Absolutely Positively Live, LordSong Refuse to be Afraid, Whisnants ‘Promises’, Talley Trio’s Testify). I have another cabinet full of CDs in the guest room. OOOOLLLLLLLD stuff.

    I loved the GV live stream. Definitely innovative. I think groups could do that. I would also recommend a “listening party” at a local bookstore in a good listening area for them. You know, drop in a bookstore, have just a little reception to thank friends for listening and share a good time telling stories of the songs, and then listening to them. Just a thought. The Crabb Family did this before a concert one night near Winston Salem, and I went to the meet-n-greet at a Lifeway, and it was a hit. Just a suggestion for groups wanting to push some product.

    As for the Kingdom Heirs, I like Arthur Rice’s vocals SO much. I like it so much that I don’t normally listen to their project until I hear them sing it live. Call it crazy. I would much rather enjoy the KH concert experience live. Maybe it’s the band, maybe it’s Dollywood, but a big push is to see Arthur kill it live. I can count on one hand the times I’ve heard him go flat or sharp while seeing them live. Good stuff. What projects do you have that you treasure and will never get rid of?

  3. Riete permalink

    I loved the GV lifestream! I’ve never seen something like that before. They even answered my question so they made my day, LOL

  4. Say…I really appreciate that you have a set schedule for long trips, and I know they say, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Yet at the same time, I cannot help but wish you would look around while driving outside of the 30 minutes so allotted for said activity. 🙂

  5. quartet-man permalink

    And I hope you don’t close your eyes or kneel when praying if you are driving.

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