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Pre Independence Day Post…Again

July 2, 2011

—– A technically and subjectively bad argument on the arrogance of American Patriotism.  While I can agree on various points throughout the article such as the bad and un-biblical practice of inserting the covenant of Israel into an American theology and ideology, it is ultimately misleading and misrepresents many of the central components of why America is a great nation.

—– A paraphrase of a recent e-mail I’ve received, “Can you send Gold City this message?  We understand personnel changes.  Some of us may even be praying for your recent difficulties and future revitalization.  But in the meantime, we’ve been waiting for this brand new album….  It better be good.”  I sense a tiny ounce of threatening tones, but I digress.  Anybody have more more word on this?

—– Brian Crout has a review for The Kingsmen’s new project, “Grace Says” on Southern Gospel Critique.  You should check it out.  I haven’t personally heard the whole thing (other than the audio clips) but I hope we’re not finding a trend in southern gospel music.

—– So most of my committee for the FNR Awards (which will probably be shortened to “Revival Awards”) has been selected.  You thought I was joking…  I know a number of my readers choose not to comment, and if that’s the case, feel free to send a personal e-mail at  But this is my last round of asking for category suggestions.  This is going to be BIG and fun for the voters, I promise.


Enjoy your weekend.  Please don’t call me to be your designated driver this year, perhaps ruining your testimony.  And if you’re grilling dogs, go Hebrew National.  I’ll have another post in a couple of days.

—– Chilling video.  Even for a blind man, America is beautiful indeed.  God bless.

  1. That was a really strange article. I was steeling myself for something typically snarky and liberal, but I was pleasantly surprised when he started listing reasons why America really is better than other countries and even got in a jab at the PC crowd. But he kind of lost me when he tried to list reasons why America isn’t so great. He said “we have a high rate of prisoner execution,” which practically makes me laugh out loud because if anything we don’t execute enough criminals. (Witness even Huckabee’s letting proven serial killers out of their cages and then defending it). He said something about how our educational system was inferior, but he didn’t elaborate on exactly why, when he could have given plenty of specifics about how the public schools have been infiltrated by liberal propagandists, how young children are having sex ed thrust upon them, etc, etc. And he didn’t even get into the legalization of abortion and gay rights, or the alarming police state characteristics of our government.

    So first, he didn’t even do that great a job arguing for his own purposes. But secondly, I think America is specially blessed by God, and I don’t think that’s arrogant to say. When people ask, “Why should God bless America?” I like to say, “For the sake of Texas. For the sake of Ronald Reagan. For the sake of that soldier in the parade with a Medal of Honor around his neck. That’s all.”

  2. Oh, categories… I suggested most dynamic performer before, but there are so many I’m having trouble coming up with more… How about a wardrobe category? 😉

  3. Nate Stainbrook permalink

    The Gold City CD is “supposed” to be out on September 13th…

    • Thank you sir. It will be good to go ahead and get this out, so people will more quickly forget the uncertainty and questions that has transpired in the last year or so.

      • Nate Stainbrook permalink

        Totally agree with that, they need some stability in more ways than just personnel, and releasing a new CD with original material; with the current lineup would go a long way to help that along…

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