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Pre-Independence Day Post

July 1, 2011

Rundown of some interesting topics pre-Independence Day…

—– Greater Vision will be celebrating their new release “The Only Way” with a live and on the internet release party on Tuesday, July 5th @ 8:00 Pm.  They will be sharing songs, providing commentary, and answering questions.  Innovative idea for SG.  Log in here or here.

—– An interesting article on Tim Keller’s blog, features some insight on The Practice of Preaching, as revealed in the famous, Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones’ classic work, “Preaching and Preachers”.  Jones has been the most recent version of ‘The Prince of Preachers’, to many.  Link found here.

—– Something I completely endorse is Sojourn, a worship band with a folk/blues influence.  Their new release “The Water and The Blood” is a collection of vintage Isaac Watts hymns.  No worrying about correct doctrine, theology, or historic congruency.  You can find a nice overview of Watts and Sojourn’s idea here.  And what it is even more invigorating is the musicianship of the artists, as most of it was recorded live in the studio, allowing the organic substance to bubble with their emotion and our response.  Project also available on vinyl.  You MUST check out this video.


—– You can now pre-order GVB’s new project “I Am A Promise” featuring a collection of kids songs.  Order and listen to clips here.

—– Speaking of GVB, here they are @ The Whitehouse.  Thought about posting the one right after 9/11 since we’ve come full circle in the Bin Laden horror episode, but couldn’t resist the one from the Nation’s capital.  Politicians blown away, Bush doing a little longhorn whistling at Bill for an encore.  It’s not my favorite version, but maybe the most appropriate.  I love the Cats, but is there any question that Phelps owns this song?  No.  Go, Phelps.  And Go, America. Let it ring.


The floor is yours.

  1. matt permalink

    Happy pre-Independence Day! As for us in Canada, today is Canada Day, and we celebrate 144 years young as a nation!

  2. I think what Sojourn is doing is very interesting, even though the music isn’t really my cup of tea. I watched the video on a different blog and decided it wasn’t my thing, but I respect what they’re doing, for sure.

    You know for some reason I just never could get into “Let Freedom Ring.” It always seemed kind of overblown and awkward somehow. And there’s a line in the first verse that’s pretty cringe-worthy: “Even life begins because a baby fights for freedom.” Say what?? That almost sounds like an unintentional endorsement of the “life begins at birth” school of thought. And it’s a sappy line anyway.

    But, go America anyway. Let it ring indeed.

    • I love the Sojourn album. If we’re going for a “Top 10” releases in Christian music in general, it’s on it. Guess Gloria was still in mother mode when she wrote that song. Yes, Go America.

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