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1st Annual FNR Awards

June 21, 2011

The final ballots for the Singing News Fan Awards are approaching.  Previously in my other life, I thought that the Singing News Fan Awards were something to look forward to each and every year.  In my age and wisdom, I’ve come to the earth-shattering realization that it’s a popularity contest.  This is not a new discovery, and for many artists, they have marketed themselves brilliantly well.  Some artists may not be as talented, but connect with fans better than others…which is assuredly also a special gift.  Historically it seems that there is a distinction in fans craving consistent, genuine entertainment, and another half of fans relishing the ultimate cheesiness that some artists iconically seem to excel at.  It’s an unbelievable experience to get inside some people’s heads, which I try to do on occasion, simply to understand their thought process in determining what really holds their interest.

Also it’s worth researching the trends that occur.  It’s not that far different from secular music.  Quartet turnover essentially equates to band break ups.  It’s nothing new for a secular band to gain popularity for a few years, win some awards, fizzle out, and break up.  But in most cases, these bands are hit with a lack of creativity.  The secular world urges to push the envelope, to do different things.  If you don’t, you’re largely ignored.  Had the Beatles not experimented with new music and new styles (and other things), we would have never had “The White Album”.  In southern gospel, in most cases the opposite happens.  The demographic pushes to stay the same.  You have your few exceptions, and I believe, as I’ve stated before, this method does add to its appeal and interest in making this genre so special and serious about its foundation and roots.  But I think the creative minds of southern gospel that can maintain the music’s integrity should get more respect.  Let’s face it, southern gospel consists of some awesome, very supportive fans.  And then it also consists of some really strange fans.  But being fair and kind, I’ll display some new ideas for awards that the Singing News should look into.  It would be hard to prove which fans are truly “in it” without a hypothesis.  And even a hypothesis has to be tested time after time.  But I forecast that southern gospel fans will continue to be in conflict with itself for a little while longer.

The Singing News Fan Awards can contain a little more excitement and surprise, right?  What is there to anticipate anymore?  Favorite Lead Singer?  C’mon.  I do applaud the Singing News for hiring a firm to count the votes, but we can go father in this genre.  Let’s not settle for less.  Very soon I plan to be conducting a poll.  After talking the poll over with a few people, I’ll decide whether or not the results were utterly ridiculous or fair.  If they are ridiculous, I’ll get together with these aforementioned “people” and we’ll decide on the winners.  I’ve ordered a bunch of legitimate certificates and will be soon be looking at some trophy options.  My plan is for every winner to receive one which will be sent to their home office (if my plan below doesn’t pan out).  If you have any other ideas or suggestions that you’d like to see which are reasonable, please list below and they may be considered after my “Roundtable Discussion”.

– Best Live Album

– Most Creative Album

– Best Table Project

– Best Classic – Themed Album

– Best Producer

– Best Arranger

– Best Non-Performing Songwriter

– Best Engineer

– Best Studio Session Pianist  (since Piano is practically synonymous with SG )

– Best Collaboration on an Album

– Best Collaboration on a Song

– Adversity Award

– Best Original “blood” Song

– Best Original “heaven” Song

– Best Original “cross” Song

– Comeback Artist

– Comeback Group

– Best Dressed Group

– Most Re-invented Group

– Best Emcee

– Artist(s) To Look Forward To

– Group With Most Original Members (Consistency Award)


I can’t tell you the premise of my hypothesis.  But you shall find out in time.  Until then, I also plan to organize a venue to have the FNR Awards Ceremony.  My hope is to set up a booth outside of Dollywood where the awards will be presented.  Tickets will be very, very affordable and I plan to have some surprise hosts.

  1. JSR permalink

    An award for best SG media outlet would be intriguing.

  2. I like this!

    How about breaking down the emcee awards? Most efficient emcee (most songs), most emotional emcee, most effective emcee… 🙂

  3. Like this! Especially like the “best original ‘blood,’ ‘cross,’ ‘heaven’ ” song.

    How about, “most powerful/dynamic performer?”

    By the way, what’s the time frame for these?

  4. Oh, and of course you’re joking about the awards ceremony… right?

  5. quartet-man permalink

    FNR is an enigma to some. He (I presume) is sarcastic on the Cathedrals’ thread and people don’t tell, and is serious on the awards and people think it is a joke. 🙂

  6. Kristen permalink

    Really like the categories you came up with!!!

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