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Stuff Dads Will Like: Southern Baptists, Gospel Music, & A Live Kingsmen Experience

June 19, 2011

—– A new documentary covering the history and influences of Gospel Music, and how it still influences us today, came out a couple of weeks ago.  Any genuine music lover would be intrigued.  Here’s a clip.  And yep, that’s Andrae Crouch.




—– Last week, the Southern Baptist Convention met in Phoenix.  You can find a very detailed summary here.  I’m deeply encouraged by some of the pledges and resolutions that transpired from the meetings, namely…a more dedicated emphasis on Missions, Church Planting, affirming the concept of a Biblical Hell as spotlighted by Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” book, and requesting LifeWay not sell the brand new 2011 NIV translation due to “inaccurate gender language”.  About the conference as a whole, one pastor stated “I do believe it could be prove to be the most spiritually significant convention over the last 50 years”.  I say, amen.

—– A friend recently sent me this video.  An old clip from the Kingsmen classic, “Beautiful Home” was apparently doctored in the studio.  My home church quartet is equally comparable.




—– Last but not least, Happy Father’s Day.  I have a friend who came to the states from Sudan a couple of years ago who was one of “The Lost Boys” you may have seen documented.  He once gave me some sound Sudanese wisdom…”Any man can make a baby.  Not every man can be a father”.  If you have a father, send him your love today.  Do the same with your heavenly Father if you are indeed adopted by Him.  For my own father, a regular dude, yet a hero…I send him a song… a wonderfully appropriate tune from the Foo Fighters.

There goes my hero.  Watch him as he goes.  There goes my hero, he’s ordinary.  Yep.  Fathers, rock on.

  1. Three cheers and a holler for them Southern Baptists. May their days be many and may the grass grow long and green on their graves.

  2. matt permalink

    Awesome shreds on the Kingsmen………..I saw that some time ago on youtube. I laughed till I cried…..the funny thing is it almost sounds pretty good for the first few bars….. the crowd seemed to love it anyways.

  3. Oh, and that gospel documentary was looking great until the cameo from Obama at the end. [gags] Sorry, just kinda turns me off.

    As for the Kingsmen clip, I assume you know that was deliberately distorted and messed with as a joke, right? 😉

  4. matt permalink

    Yup yankeegospelgirl, the kingsmen were never that bad, at least when I heard them :-))

    Whoever did the shred is pretty talented though…to be able to sing that bad, takes some talent.

  5. quartet-man permalink

    Actually to sing that bad ON PURPOSE takes a SPECIAL talent. 🙂

  6. matt permalink

    Yes quartet-man, that’s what I meant. My wife calls that youtube clip “the happiness video” cause it always makes me happy when I watch it……….poor Ray Dean Reese….:-)))

  7. quartet-man permalink


  8. matt permalink

    Somewhat related, a few years back I saw Ed Crawford and the Mystery Men….anybody else see them ?

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