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Biblical Interpretation & Southern Gospel Fashion

June 13, 2011

—– Can we over-interpret the Bible?  One well known, highly regarded, and conservative Theology professor… Moises Silva thinks so, and displays an illustration of the possible aftermath of doing such a thing.  An excerpt here.

                       two fashion statements in southern gospel?

  —– Apparently, a new fashion trend going around some southern gospel circles is this.  Magnetic collar stays.  Maybe we’ll see the resurgence of the Clip-On Tie soon.

—– Artists love their attire. And these are gaining some popularity as well.  Awesome shoes – with a cross. 

Next time you’re at a Southern Gospel concert, check out the shoes.  You might have to ask about the magnetic collar stays…

Which leads me to…

 —– Give me some suggestions for an All-Hair Quartet. 

We may go historically or currently, but I need your guesses first.  For instance, does anyone have more perfect hair than Ivan Parker?  Still jet black after all these years and clearly the stache adds to the frame of his head.  I don’t think the style has ever drastically changed.  Guy Penrod seems like a rather easy choice, but he’ll be considered.  I’ve always thought Bill Gaither has had awesome hair…very fluffy with a tint of grey and orange…strange but awesome.  So he could sing bass.  I don’t want to “exclude” hair pieces, but just because it is a hair piece does not add to its probability of winning.  Same goes for those who are balding and neglect to cover it up.  They can’t help genetics and bald jokes aren’t mean or offensive, but they do get less and less funny since they are told so often.   I don’t know how closely I’ll look at GVB or EHSS.  Most of it is too much in style.  For instance David Phelps could qualify, but it might just be too pretty and in-style to consider taking home the prize.  Devin McGlamery might fit though.  It looks so purposefully misplaced.  I kinda like it.  So list your thoughts below and tell your friends. 






Let’s celebrate those who show their diversity and willingness to adapt to the culture of hair, for hair styles are always changing and also those who stay as strong as a stone wall and refuse to change with the times.  I have mad respect for both groups. 


—– And for what it’s worth – “Abandon Kansas”, a Christian alternative rock band on Toby Mac’s Gotee Records released a free EP on Amazon MP3 Downloads.  Obviously, the message in the lyrics are somewhat vague…but most of it is positive, and if you like Alternative Rock, it’s decent music.  And free.  Here’s the link…  But I have a sneaking suspicion most of you won’t download.

  1. My hair quartet:

    Tenor: Keith Waggoner
    Lead: Phil Cross
    Baritone: Rodney Griffin
    Bass: Stacy Bragg, late of Mike LeFevre Quartet
    Pianist: Roger Talley

    • You sure are going with a lot of bald guys! If we ever do beards, Talley may have the best beard during the late 80s and early 90s.

  2. “If you like Alternative Rock, it’s decent music.”

    Isn’t the quality of the music independent of our likes/dislikes?

    Then again, “Alt. Rock” and “decent music” is a logical contradiction anyway. 😛

  3. Gaithermusicaddict permalink

    I’ve come up with three names of men with extra ordinary hair and two with not so extra ordinary. Two are from the Oak Ridge Boys, one is a legend, one has a bad hair day everyday and one is simple and plain. Here is my line up.

    Tenor: E. Haase
    Lead: Jake Hess
    Baritone: William Lee Golden
    Bass: Richard Sterban
    Piano: Gordon Mote

    Haase has a bad hair day everyday, Hess is the legend, Golden has interesting hair and a beard to die for( jus’ kidding), Sterban has cool hair and a deep voice to die for( not kidding) and Mote is plain and simple, but can play the piano in the dark.

    • I’m with you on Golden! This is just a roughdraft, but I’m leaning towards:
      Tenor: Rick Strickland (early 90’s hairstyle – go take a look at an old J.D. Sumner & The Stamps pic…it’s awesome)
      Lead: Ivan Parker
      Baritone: William Lee Golden
      Bass: Bill Gaither
      Piano: Darrell Stewart

    • JSR permalink

      “…can play the piano in the dark.”

      Now that was funny!

      • Yes, that comment was fine. He’ll never be able to read this blog, as unfortunate as that is. Still not sure that his hair is extremely un-ordinary.

  4. Gaithermusicaddict permalink

    Mote is a great piano player and singer. When he sings and plays “Everything is Beautiful” and “I can’t even walk” a tear escapes my eye. His hair is normal, I just listed him because I had not thought of any pianist with unusual hair. But I see you have already thought of one. I’m suspicious of Paker’s hair, I think he dyes it black, the way my mom does her hair.

  5. Tenor: Ernie Haase (just look at it in this clip: He also had great hair in his younger days:

    Lead: Guy Penrod, definitely

    Baritone: William Lee

    Bass: Tim Riley, because I have a sneaky suspicion that’s a FAKE SILVER HAIR PIECE. 😀

  6. Oops… am I being moderated…?

  7. Oh, never mind, it’s because I included youtube clips.

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