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Ukuleles, Romans, & A Southern Gospel News Brief

June 8, 2011

—– Coming out this fall, a movie that chronicles the final days in the life of Hank Williams entitled “The Last Ride”, has already received minor controversy about some minor, specific details…go figure.  Beyond the inter-connecting relationship of Country music and Southern Gospel is this:  Michael English singing “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, featured in this trailer. Seems to be a rather low budget movie, but I’ll buy the soundtrack for sure.

—– Trent Adams, bass singer for the Dixie Echoes has turned in his notice, apparently leaving for work at a prison facility.  After contacting Daniel Mount about his prospects of trying out, Daniel has insisted that he is not a bass singer…sorry folks!  Adams is currently still with the group…on an Alaskan cruise.  Before going to work at a prison, I would go on vacation too.  But seriously, The Dixie Echoes have a good thing going on right now, and have found some very promising talent at that position.  I expect them to make another solid hire.  Bob Caldwell still around?

—–Harold Lane passed away recently as most of you already knew.  I didn’t know him personally, but everyone that did know him talks very, very highly of him as an innovative arranger, and songwriter, helping contribute to The Speers sound and success, post Dad & Mom Speer.  Definitely keep his family in your prayers.  Wes Burke has a very appropriate eulogy for him on his blog.  Avery also has a great tribute worth checkin’ out.

—– The Book of Romans:  Obviously one of the most important letters of the New Testament, at least theologically.  But it is a situational letter?  Or a doctrinal treatise?  You can check out the take from one theologian here.

—– A couple of weeks ago, Pearl Jam frontman, Eddie Vedder, released “Ukulele Songs”, a collection of 16 old and new songs…and with the exception of a couple of cuts, the only instrument used: a Ukulele.  I find it to be very daring and astonishing in the world of grunge rock music for such a thing to occur, although Vedder is pretty much a renaissance man.  Critics are raving over it.  Pearl Jam fans are hating it, yet still buying it.  What Gospel artist would you like to see attempt that?  Or rather, what Gospel artist COULD attempt that and possibly make it work?  Jason Crabb anyone??  Wes Hampton?

  1. Answering your last question – if the Isaacs could make “Almost Acapella” work and sound as pleasing musically as it did, they coupd certainly easily pull it off.

    • This is right in line with what I had in mind are the winner. I’m sending you a free CD. Actually, I had a feeling that would be the first guess.

  2. I’d never heard the song “Only His Hand Can Reach” before clicking on your link. Nice!

  3. Oh, and I’m not sure exactly what Daniel Mount is, but he’s certainly not a bass singer. 😛

  4. quartet-man permalink

    Well, even though the Isaacs are bluegrass in style, the removal of all or most instruments don’t take away their bluegrass style vocals. Yeah, they could do it, but in this example it would be more like if they did a heavy metal album.

  5. Uh-oh… I better not attempt a guess. 😀

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